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Ultimate Smart Bed

Who are They and What Makes Them so Smart?

Kazan Luxury Smart TV Bed With Chaise Lounger Chair and Bluetooth Speakers
Kazan Luxury Smart TV Bed

Offering an extensive range of stylish smart beds and sofas, Ultimate Smart Bed is a one-stop shop for all your smart furniture needs.  With the goal of taking your sleep to the next level, this company has paired technology with luxury to create stylish, multifunctional furniture packed with features to help you sleep better and, ultimately, live better.

Founded in 2017, Ultimate Smart Bed’s mission is to help you create a home or studio so full of warmth and character that you never want to leave!

With smart furniture such as smart beds, smart chairs, mattresses and sofas in their range, there is something to suit every taste, need and budget. Ultimate Smart Bed products are not only high quality but also eco-friendly. Deep believers in everyone playing their role in protecting our environment, they source all materials ethically and produce their furniture using minimum energy and minimum waste.

The Ultimate Smart bed founders have over a decade of experience in the smart furniture industry, channelling their knowledge, experience and expertise into creating the best products and services the market offers!

Why Choose Ultimate Smart Bed? 

You might be wondering what makes Ultimate Smart bed stand out from other smart bed companies.

Customers come first!

Ultimate Smart Bed prioritises its customers and their needs. With an extensive range of beds in several categories, they have designed something to suit everyone. However, they also offer customisation on orders so customers can create the bed of their dreams! 

Competitive pricing

Ultimate Smart Bed’s product range is very competitively priced. Starting at just USD 2,599, beds are available to suit every budget, all packed with unique, luxurious features. 

Huge product range

Ultimate Smart Bed has a smart bed for everybody. It does not matter whether you are looking for an elegant and modern bed, a luxurious bed or a more standard smart bed, there will be a product that is right for you. 

Quality materials

Ultimate Smart Bed does not compromise on quality. All their beds are built to be sturdy and long-lasting, with the highest quality materials sourced from ethical and very trustworthy suppliers.  

Easy ordering and shipping

Ultimate Smart Bed ships to over 100 countries worldwide and offers free shipping to 48 destinations in the United States of America. They also provide free shipping to the UK, Germany, Italy and a few other countries.

Purchasing a beautiful smart bed or sofa has never been easier with online ordering. The Ultimate Smart Bed website showcases its product ranges with a vast gallery, product videos and thousands of reviews from satisfied customers. These, combined with the generous warranty policy, should engender customer confidence in purchasing these innovative products online.

Ultimate Smart Bed collections

Ultimate Smart Bed offers five different collections.  

The Standard Collection

Hargen Ultimate Smart Bed With Massage Chair and Speakers
Hargen Ultimate Smart Bed

This collection includes six divine smart beds. The Ultimate Smart Bed Standard Collection is one of the most popular collections, offering smart beds packed with many amazing features. Some of the features included in this collection are massage chairs, plenty of storage space, reading lamps, shelves and, of course, stylish looking beds that provide the highest levels of comfort and luxury.  

The Modern Collection

Ultimate X400 Smart Adjustable TV Bed with Chaise Lounger and Speakers
Ultimate X400 Smart Adjustable TV Bed

This collection incorporates more advanced technologies than the Standard Collection. The Ultimate Smart Bed Modern Collection has 11 beds in the collection, each brimming with different features, ensuring there will be a bed to suit every need and desire.  Some of the features that stand out in the modern beds include TV mechanisms, more advanced massage chair technology, built-in mini bar fridges and adjustable bed bases that can be modified to incline or decline to suit different sleeping preferences or activities.  

The Luxury Collection

Velsen Luxury Smart TV Bed With Chaise Lounger Chair and Bluetooth Speakers
Velsen Luxury Smart TV Bed

The Ultimate Smart bed Luxury Collection combines innovation, style and opulence to create beds that are on another level! With unique designs and cutting-edge technology, these beds offer inclusions that improve your sleep and provide entertainment and convenience in a stylish and luxurious package. There are two round shape beds in this collection, along with several other beds with very unique, innovative designs.  With more distinctive designs and features offered, the luxury collection appeals to a more generous budget than some of the other ranges; however, the inclusions are worth every cent!  Most of the beds in this collection come with a built-in TV mechanism system, a massage chair or a massage mattress, storage, inbuilt sound systems and Bluetooth connectivity. They are all elegantly designed and appointed with quality finishings to provide the most luxurious look and feel.  

Most of the beds in this category come in three different sizes (king, queen and California king). However, some beds only offer one or two sizes, so it is worth checking that out before ordering. 

Round Beds

Arrius Luxury Round Bed With Smart features & Bluetooth Speakers
Arrius Luxury Round Bed With Smart features

Providing luxury with a little bit of a difference, Ultimate Smart Bed’s Round Collection boasts two round beds, one of which folds up to double as a sofa. Both round beds come with different features like storage nooks, adjustable desks, veneered boards and Bluetooth technology.  

TV Beds

Ultimate K20 Smart Bed with TV Mechanism
Ultimate K20 Smart Bed with TV Mechanism

The Ultimate Smart Bed TV Beds are all equipped with a TV mechanism system. Each bed has a different design and caters to different sized televisions, so it is worth doing some research to find out which will suit your needs. Along with the TV system, most of these beds are also equipped with other unique features such as a massage chair, inclining bed base, storage area, bookshelf, reading lamp and a fantastic stereo system for you to enjoy yourself in the best way possible and create your own home entertainment hub in the heart of your bedroom.  

Customer Service

Ultimate Smart Bed is known for its quality bed frames, sofas and smart furniture but another aspect the company works hard on is its customer service. They believe one of their unique selling points is the well-trained staff on hand to assist with customer service. Also available online is a well-written FAQ section to try and answer the most common questions asked by customers.  

Return Policy

Ultimate Smart Bed has a 14-day return policy. If you are unhappy with anything related to your bed or in the unlikely event you find it does not meet your needs, you can return it within 14 days as long as the bed is in good condition. 

Custom orders are non-refundable unless you have not received your bed within 24 weeks of placing a deposit. It is essential to ensure you get your measurements right and choose the right colour before finalising your order.  


Ultimate Smart Bed offers a two-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong with your bed or you need any repairs, this will be taken care of free of charge. 

Customer reviews

With over two thousand satisfied customers across the globe, Ultimate Smart Bed is doing something right!  These amazing products have improved the lives of so many customers over many years. 

With such an extensive and innovative product range, all at unbeatable prices, there is no need to go anywhere else. Top customer service, easy ordering and a 100% satisfaction guarantee ensure that your experience with Ultimate Smart Bed will exceed all expectations. From the moment you begin your journey with Ultimate Smart Bed, you will enjoy supreme luxury, cutting edge technology and be able to achieve the restful sleep you have always dreamed about. Now that IS smart!