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Ghostbed Adjustable Bed Frame

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Night’s Sleep with Ghostbed

Why Choose Us?

For those familiar with the sleep industry, the name GhostBed is sure to be familiar. A market leader in an expanding industry growing in innovation and technology, its goal is to improve the quality of customers’ sleep.

An adjustable bed frame is one of the newest and most in-demand products in this fast-growing market. These adjustable bases with unique flexibility, various remarkable features and health benefits are becoming a reliable, irreplaceable and popular product. Furthermore, the Ghostbed adjustable base model,  has already won the heart of many sleepers. The Ghostbed split king is especially popular for couples.

The GhostBed is, in fact, an online mattress brand with an excellent reputation for providing customers with luxurious, high-quality mattresses which are extremely affordable.

As sleep technology frontrunners, their recent efforts to create modern and trendy adjustable bed bases have paid off. Thus, GhostBed is now one of the leading producers in this field, winning a plethora of awards and providing uncontested comfort and affordable luxury.

Top benefits of the GhostBed Adjustable Base

The great features offer by the GhostBed Adjustable Bed Base

  • Great luxury at an affordable price
  • Easy to adjust
  • Wireless remote control
  • 4 preset positions
  • 15 quiet massage modes
  • 100% steel constructed frame
  • High mattress compatibility
  • Easy to assemble
  • Access to a 3-year extended warranty

Who is GhostBed?

GhostBed, founded by Marc L. Werner in 2015, is an established sleep company famous for online mattress purchases and bed-in-a-box delivery. Its mission is to produce and deliver better mattresses with the highest possible quality at more affordable prices.

For Werner, his talent for development and manufacturing came through his family’s business, the “Werner Ladder” company, a worldwide corporation designing advanced aluminium and fibreglass ladders.  But his passion for inventing comfortable and relaxing mattresses was a result of his own sleep difficulties in the past.

After undergoing three neck surgeries and enduring many painful sleepless nights, Werner couldn’t find a comfortable mattress or pillow to properly support his neck and body. So he decided to invent his own, founding “Nature’s Sleep” in 2001.

A little over ten years later, with more understanding of sleep technology and what people wanted, Werner launched GhostBed and achieved his ultimate goal of distributing sleeping goods, including mattresses, pillows and bed frames. As a child, Werner feared ghosts hiding under his bed, thus naming his newfound company “GhostBed”.

Online Shopping with GhostBed

GhostBed’s most significant achievement was upgrading and boosting online sales, as Werner believed in-person mattress shopping was a difficult task for shoppers because they had to compare different mattresses on the spot without prior knowledge. The conventional process led to increased pressure on the customer, who would eventually make a hasty choice which wasn’t always the right one.

Everybody who has gone shopping for a mattress knows how a pushy salesperson can complicate an already challenging process. You may only get to try out a mattress for a few seconds, which is not enough time to make a decision so important. So, when you get to sleep in your bed in the privacy of your home, the real issues show themselves, creating buyer’s remorse!

In contrast, Werner’s vision was a clear path between product and customers, so that they can peacefully make informed decisions while sitting in the comfort of their own homes. This process is facilitated by honest and comprehensive information available online about every item.

GhostBed Adjustable Bed

In today’s competitive market, there are many variables to consider when choosing a product. Therefore, a company’s credibility, previous products, customer satisfaction, reasonable prices and online feedback are all involved in making a final decision.

Utilising decades of combined experience in the mattress design industry, the GhostBed team has confidently created a specialised version of an adjustable base bed. Their mattresses are made in the US, while the manufacturing branch for Ghostbed adjustable frames is in Taiwan.

GhostBed Adjustable Bed Features

This affordable bed with features like wireless remote control, whisper-quiet massage modes, under-bed LED light, zero gravity and anti-snore settings, puts to shame many costly adjustable bases from other brands. So, let’s go ahead and investigate the highlights of this model in more depth.

  • Pre-set Positions: You can find four default positions on GhostBed adjustable base remote control which are called: TV, lounge, anti-snore and zero gravity. Plus, with the possibility of moving the head and foot of the bed, you can create your own favourite bed positions and enjoy your own special sleep mode
  • Massager with 15 Modes: Customers can find this first-class feature on their wireless remote control as well. There are 10-, 20- and 30-minutes massage timers. Massage mode includes a foot or head massage with 3 different intensities
  • Under-bed Lighting: A soft light enough to keep you from hurting yourself yet not too bright to disturb you with an on/off button on the remote control
  • USB Ports:USB ports on both sides of the bed are an essential addition in this day and age when everyone needs to charge a device or two
  • Construction & Design: Made of an all-steel frame, the GhostBed adjustable base can bear up to 750lbs weight. With a contemporary style, the frame of the GhostBed is upholstered in a charcoal grey fabric. There is also a retainer bar at the bottom of the bed plus a non-skid surface, which keeps the mattress in place while adjusting the bed
  • Mattress Compatibility: In terms of compatibility, the GhostBed adjustable bed base is very compatible and it works with most types of mattresses including memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses (Some difficulties may be experienced with some innerspring units such as the ones with continuous coils)
  • Sizes: The GhostBed adjustable base comes in three sizes: Ghostbed twin XL, Ghostbed queen and Ghostbed split king
  • Wireless Remote Control: By simply pushing a button you can change every feature and setting of your adjustable bed. For a split king base, you’ll receive two remote controls.
  • Warranty: GhostBed offers a limited lifetime warranty on the adjustable bed base. This contains a full one-year warranty, a limited two-year warranty (parts only) and a limited lifetime warranty on the steel frame. Plus, for just $149 extra you can purchase the optional 3-year extended warranty. This covers parts, labour and freight and is purchasable at the time of checkout.
  • White Glove Service: GhostBed also offers a ‘white glove’ delivery service which includes unboxing, instalment and removal of your old mattress.

Things to note in the GhostBed Adjustable Base

  • No bars are placed on the sides of the bed.
  • It doesn’t come with a California king-size bed.
  • The remote control is not backlit.
  • There is a no return policy once you have unboxed the bed.


GhostBed started with the goal of producing high-quality products for exceptional sleep and before long turned into a major player in the sleep industry. This well-renowned brand got its remarkable reputation for developing an easy online mattress shopping process, which now has become common sense for many similar goods.

Becoming a lead manufacturer of adjustable beds, GhostBed proved its productivity and initiative once again. What’s more, the GhostBed adjustable base comes with features you typically only expect from products at a much higher price.

With plenty of great features including multiple positions, a wireless remote, massage modes, USB ports and under-bed lighting, purchasing a GhostBed adjustable bed frame and discovering the secret to a great night’s sleep makes perfect sense.