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Are You a Round Peg in a Square Bed?

Arrius Luxury Round Bed With Smart features & Bluetooth Speakers
Arrius Luxury Round Bed With Smart features & Bluetooth Speakers

Are you seeking to upgrade your home decor to something out of the box and unique? Do you enjoy the appeal of trendy, exclusive and luxurious styling? Are you a round peg, tired of fitting in a square hole?  If so, adding a round bed to your room may be the perfect choice for you! Without being limited to a particular wall or corner, a circle bed gives you more freedom to decorate your bedroom differently and create the perfect sanctuary to suit your style and give you a good night’s rest. 

Ultimate Smart Bed features two luxurious beds in their round bed range.  

The first is the Alisca Luxury Round Bed. 

The Alisca Luxury Round Bed set is equipped with a built-in speaker system that allows you to play music by Bluetooth, AUX and USB. This high-quality sound system can be connected to several devices and be used to play your favourite uplifting tracks before you step out of your house or even play soothing music to help you drift off to sleep.  

Create your own private mini-theatre atmosphere with the crisp and high-quality sound of the stereo system, further advancing your viewing experience if used to connect to a nearby TV. This bed also comes with a wooden bookcase where you can organise all your favourite books and still have space for framed photos of your loved ones or other valuable items.  

If you need more room for your belongings, this bed offers other storage spaces so you can keep all your favourite items at a close distance, making them easier to access.  

This round bed frame has a stylish design and various practical features, this bed has an estimated delivery time of 10 to 14 weeks. This circle king-sized bed is available in fabric or leather with a mattress diameter of 200cm. 

Arrius Luxury Round Bed 

The second piece in the Round Bed Collection is the Arrius Luxury Round Bed, available in fabric and leather. This bed comes with several innovative features, such as a sound system with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights around the bed and the bookcase, giving it a more modern and edgy look.  

The bed also has veneered boards made of natural walnut as an extension of the bed, with reading lamps attached on each side. This allows you to rest a drink or other items at a comfortable height and access your light lamps more conveniently. The natural walnut boards’ warm colour and optimal look also help add a calm ambience to the bedroom.  

The Arrius also comes with LED lights around it. You can change the colours of the light to match your mood or what you are currently doing. For example, you can pick red when you feel more creative or look for a mood booster and switch to blue if you plan to create a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.  

Other notable features of this smart bed system include extra storage for your precious belongings, a hidden safe for more valuable items and a plug and USB port, making it more convenient to charge all your electronics without leaving your bed.  

This circle bed will take an average time of 10 to 14 weeks to be delivered. When ordering this bed, you can pick between fabric and leather upholstery.  

King Size Circle Bed dimensions: 

Mattress size King Size Bed Width King Size Bed Height King Size Bed Depth 
220 cm x 220 cm 275 cm 90 cm 255 cm 
Round King Size Bed Dimensions

Why do you need a round bed in your life? 

You may be wondering what makes a round bed different from any other regular rectangular-shaped bed? Firstly, there is the obvious design component. This unique design gracefully complements the overall interior design of any room. Besides bringing a more luxurious and modern feel to your room, the round shape of this bed design also makes the bed appear cozier and more inviting. Be prepared to experience the most peaceful night’s sleep and take your room’s interior design to the next level with Ultimate Smart Bed’s modernistic designed beds and high-quality mattresses. 

As we spend around one-third of our lives asleep, research has shown that the quality of our sleep has a significant impact on how we feel and behave throughout our day. Investing in a practical and comfortable bed will help improve the overall quality of your sleep, bringing you all sorts of health benefits. Some of these positive benefits include reducing your stress levels, lowering your risk of various health complications, regulating your weight, increasing your happiness and improving your ability to concentrate throughout your day. 

After a long and exhausting day, it’s essential that you come back to a space that has a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. According to psychologists, round beds subconsciously help our body be more at ease and make us feel more secure than rectangular designs. Coupled with a high-quality fabric and mattress, such factors will allow you to experience the best and deepest night’s sleep. 

With its spacious design, you can switch your sleeping position and sleep in any direction while still having plenty of room to move your legs around. Another exciting feature unique to round beds is the lack of corners. While this may seem obvious, the practical outcome is that you can walk around your room in the dark without worrying about injuring yourself by running into the corner of your bed! 

Shipping and Delivery 

Ultimate Smart Bed offers international shipping to various countries around the globe and provides free delivery to several countries such as the US, the UK and some other European countries. Don’t hesitate to visit the website to learn more about the shipping policies. 

For potential clients living outside the US or UK, you can simply calculate your shipping costs and get a quote by reaching out to Ultimate Smart Beds contact center.


All Ultimate Smart Beds come with a 2-year warranty. If a bed suffers any minor damages, the company will help restore it to its original form with the help of professional furniture restoration technicians. For any more inquiries, you can contact the online customer service responders at any time. 

Return policy 

All beds have a 14-day return policy if the items are undamaged and in good condition. There are no returns or refunds for any custom-made items unless the beds weren’t delivered within 24 weeks of placing the deposit. More information can be found at the Ultimate Smart Beds returns and refunds section. 


Where are the beds and mattresses manufactured? All Ultimate Smart Beds and mattresses are manufactured in Europe and Asia. 
Does Ultimate Smart Bed deliver products outside the US? Yes, they do. However, there will be additional delivery charges. 
What sizes are the round bed sets? Beds come in a round king size bed. You can find more details about the measurements of each bed on the website. 
What other bed ranges does Ultimate Smart Bed have? They have over 5 ranges of smart beds. You can find one to suit your lifestyle and budget.
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While the main reason to buy The Ultimate Smart Bed round bed could be to add a more aesthetic and luxurious ambience to your room, several other features make this purchase well worth it. This bed will help improve the overall quality of your sleep, give you more room to move around by yourself or provide enough space to sleep comfortably with your partner. Check out the range of round beds to see how this would add a unique and luxurious element to your home and your sleep!