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The Best Smart Beds and Multi Functional Beds Reviews

How Does a Smart Bed Serve Your Lifestyle?

With smart bed technology you can use your bed to improve your health, lifestyle and general wellbeing. It’s possible thanks to modern smart bed models that have the capacity to monitor your sleeping environment and initiate changes or help you facilitate a better sleep scenario based on collected data. 


For example, tracking your sleep patterns and automated anti-snore settings have helped many people enjoy more REM sleep. And better quality sleep has multiple positive effects on your health. 


Apart from general sleep improvement, a smart bed is also an efficient tool for the elderly, managing certain health conditions or making your bedroom more appropriate to your lifestyle.  


The benefits you can look forward to with smart beds include:

  • Sleep monitoring: Enjoying better quality sleep thanks to adjustments based on collected data. 
  • Incline settings: Offering ergonomic sleeping comfort which helps towards better sleep quality and even assisting patients recover faster
  • Anti-snoring: Less disrupted sleeping pattern thanks to anti-snoring settings that automatically get activated
  • Automation: The luxury of an automated bed making system.
  • Regulation: Beds that regulate temperature to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment. 
  • High tech: Innovative tech features such as USB ports or lighting that help you move around safely in a dark room, without disturbing your partner.
  • Entertainment: Media beds are also becoming very popular, offering excellent audio and video features for avid movie lovers. 
  • Comfort: From incline adjustments to cool down features, all aspects that affect your comfort can be managed better with the right smart bed in your bedroom. 

In the growing market, more and more manufacturers cater for this niche, and we’ll share in-depth feedback on brands like Amerisleep, Leggett and Platt as well as Purple and Prodigy.

Smart Bed - Where to Start

Clearly, today’s smart bed market caters for all types of buyers, lifestyles and even health requirements. You can identify the smart bed that will offer you the most value for money by narrowing down your unique needs and shopping accordingly. 

Topics to consider include:

  • Do you want a bed that’s data driven, in order to improve your sleep quality?
  • Will you need a bed that caters for two sleepers by offering custom options for each side of the bed? 
  • Is remote control or app connectivity important?
  • Do your sleeping habits require the bed to automatically adjust throughout the night?
  • Will you enjoy entertainment features like a TV and sound system?
  • What look do you prefer in the bedroom?
  • Is temperature control a priority to improve your sleep quality?

Make a list of features that are a priority for both you and your sleeping partner. Then compare models in various modern smart bed collections to discover the most practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for your bedroom.

Smart Beds Categories

Media Beds

Smart Bed with TV

This type of bed is designed to provide you with the ultimate media experience. It includes features such as a TV storage unit at the foot of the bed, the latest speakers for surround-sound, and additional storage under the base for all your technical gadgets.

Media Beds Collection

The Annecy

This sleek looking, modern smart bed comes with a 2.1 surround sound speaker, built-in sub-woofer, space for up to a 43″ TV, and storage space. Get an immersive experience watching your favourite movies along with comfort thanks to a ventilated mattress.

The Lyon

This is one of the best smart beds with TV features that comes with 2.1 surround speakers, sub-woofer, and space for up to a 43″ TV. It also offers a sophisticated finish that will instantly upgrade the look of your bedroom.

The Barnard Ottoman

Make your bedroom stylish and comfortable for movie watching with a smart bed that  can accommodate a 43” TV. When not in use it conveniently slides into the foot board. The bed also offers extensive storage under the mattress.

Sleep Monitoring Beds Collection

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

This bed offers a rolling-wave massage function to improve relaxation and comfort. It comes with an integrated smart system which includes voice control for convenient bed adjustments

Tempur-Ergo Power Base

Thanks to using AI technology, this smart bed base offers sleep tracking and coaching.  For health, comfort and convenience, enjoy Zero Gravity presets and massage settings.

Ghost Smart Bed 3D Matrix

Comes with smart technology that makes real-time adjustments based on pressure data, to best support your sleeping position. It has cooling features and can accommodate sleeping partners’ unique comfort needs thanks to sensors and customisable air chambers on both sides.

Sleep Monitoring Beds

Tempur Ergo Power Base

Smart technology is taking the world by storm, so why shouldn’t it play a role in your sleep experience? Sleep monitoring beds come with the technology you need for voice-controlled adjustments, a sleep tracker to capture and record your sleeping patterns, as well as a sleep coach that gives you tips on how to get the most out of your sleep.

Positional Control Beds

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Base

Now you can adjust your base to find the most comfortable sleeping positions. This is particularly effective if you’re dealing with sleep problems such as snoring as some models will automatically adjust your position to help you stop. And if you must adopt a new sleeping position due to pregnancy or an injury, you’ll have enough settings to choose from to get quality rest.

Positional Control - Adjustable Frames Collection

Ghostbed Adjustable Bed

You can control head and foot sections separately and thanks to massage and Zero Gravity settings your comfort is optimised. There are convenient tech features like  USB ports and LED lights underneath, as well as a handy remote with presets.

Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

Enjoy this luxury smart bed frame that you can control via remote or app. It offers two programmable memory buttons, one-touch options for TV recline, Zero Gravity and anti-snore positioning. Two-zone massage settings and USB ports add to the convenience and comfort.

Prodigy 2.0 Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bed Base

The market leading brand offers a Bluetooth app with four programmable settings, a remote with two presets and even a snore button. The design includes USB ports and wave massage settings.

Temperature Regulating Mattresses Collection

Nectar Premier Copper Mattress

Designed for “hot sleepers” who need a cooling mattress, this luxury smart bed will react to your body temperature to keep you cool. The company offers a Forever Warranty and a 365 night trial.

Purple Mattress

Thanks to the brand’s innovative GelFlex Grid material, this mattress is ideal for cooling you down. You also get lots of support for more comfortable nights.

Ghostbed Luxe Mattress

Designed for side-sleepers who need to cool down, this smart bed offers a quilted cover, cooling technology and gel memory foam to ensure a comfortable rest.

Temperature Regulating Beds

Purple Sleep Genius™ Smart Base

Many people struggle to fall (and stay) asleep because they are uncomfortably hot or cold. Luckily, temperature regulating beds have been designed to address this problem. Now you can buy a bed that will keep your body at the temperature you need to fall asleep.

Self Making Beds

If your life is so busy that making the bed has become a challenge, it’s time to invest in a self-making bed. These are beds that, believe it or not, make themselves! Thanks to the latest technology, you can simply press a button to take care of this daily chore.

Smartduvet Collection

Take bedroom convenience to the maximum level with a modern smart bed that has an air blower device that makes your bed for you. The bed is also excellent at temperature control, offering each sleeping partner a customised environment.

Multifunctional Smart Bed Collections

Ultimate Smart Bed Standard Collection

For an ideal balance between features and cost, shop for smart beds in the standard range. You can improve relaxation and have impressive tech features and luxury to optimise your experience.

When shopping in this range, buyers can get the most popular features that most sleepers are after, without paying for accessories you don’t really need. 

Compare beds and pick based on your top priorities, whether it’s massage settings entertainment features or a desk for easy working while in bed. Also consider if luxury finishes like leather upholstery is what your bedroom needs to become your perfect hideaway.

Multi functional Beds

Multifunctional Smart Bed

Now you can adjust your base to find the most comfortable sleeping positions. This is particularly effective if you’re dealing with sleep problems such as snoring as some models will automatically adjust your position to help you stop. And if you must adopt a new sleeping position due to pregnancy or an injury, you’ll have enough settings to choose from to get quality rest.

Smart TV Bed Collection

The Smart TV Bed collection is for those who use the bedroom as the ideal space to catch up on movies and TV series. These beds offer excellent sound and audio features, so no need to settle for a sub-par experience. You can still immerse yourself in a story thanks to surround sound and enough space for a fairly large TV screen. 

These beds are also practical for anyone whose work involves audio and video elements. You can work in the warmth and comfort of your bedroom, rather than in a cold, stuffy office.

Smart Round Bed Collection

Get both smart bed benefits and the advantages of having a round bed. These add a sense of originality to a bedroom and also give you more freedom with regards to positioning it in the room. 

Smart round beds also subconsciously help sleepers feel more relaxed and comfortable. So whether it’s for aesthetics or sleep quality, browse the round bed collection and also enjoy the many smart features, from USB ports to speakers for entertainment.

Modern Smart Bed Collection

If upgrading your room is your main priority, do it with a modern smart bed that will transform the look of the space. Thanks to manufacturers using stylish fabrics, colours that fit with any decor and sleek finishes, your new smart bed can bring multiple modern elements into the room. 

Added to this, with a smart bed you’re assured of having a beautiful but also a functional piece of furniture. Thanks to smart features, from massage setting to incline adjustments to remote control capabilities, you can simplify life, improve your comfort and sleep quality, while also sprucing up your bedroom. Features like speakers and storage spaces add to the value of these beds.

Luxury Smart Bed Collection

Sleep in the lap of luxury by simply changing your bedroom furniture. These luxury smart beds require you to splurge a bit on bedroom furniture. But, they have all the features that maximise your comfort and convenience. Also, quality fabrics and finishes will add a sense of style and luxurious atmosphere to your personal space. 

Shoppers can align their purchases with their personal preferences and comfort needs. Have the luxury of operating your adjustable smart bed with voice commands or pick from smart beds with TV storage built in for convenient entertainment options while lounging in bed. There’s also discreet storage space, bed lamps, mini fridges, Bluetooth speakers and chaise lounges integrated into some models. How will you add luxury to your life thanks to features of smart beds?

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