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The Ultimate Smart Bed | Modern Smart Bed Offering and Models

Give Your Bedroom a Modern Touch! 

Are you searching for a smart bed with a more modern design and advanced features? If that sounds like you, look no further than Ultimate Smart Bed’s Modern Collection with 14 extravagant modern smart beds from which to choose.  

Modern smart beds provide all the latest high-tech features packaged in a sleek, contemporary design. These features may include advanced massage system technology, an adjustable bed base, wireless charging options and more unique quality designs, fabrics and shapes. 

The modern smart bed is the perfect choice for anyone who cares about having an excellent night’s sleep and wants all the latest features in a smart bed. All beds in this collection are equipped with inclusions and features that will simplify your life, provide unequalled luxury and even provide entertainment, with designs that suit the modern home.  

So, let’s outline each of the smart beds in the Modern Collection to find out which one is best suited to you! 

 The Ultimate X400 Smart Bed  

The Ultimate X400 Smart bed truly is an all-in-one bed, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of a massage chair to help relax your tired muscles. In addition, the bed base is adjustable via the use of remote control, so you can incline it according to your preference for sleep or maybe to sit up and read or work. The X400 also has extra storage, a bookshelf to keep your belongings, a drawer and Bluetooth connectivity that lets you connect your favourite gadgets. It also has a TV stand if you want to watch TV from the comfort of your bed. 

It comes in 3 different sizes, King, Queen and California King. This bed is available in 12 different colours, ranging from grey and other neutral tones to the brighter alternatives of lime, pink and red.  With all the possible options and customisation, this bed would be a beautiful fit in any home. 

Ultimate X250 Smart Bed  

This Ultimate X250 Smart Bed has a very modern and practical design. It features an inclining bed base, plenty of storage room, an adjustable table to let you work comfortably, power sockets and an unbeatable sound system. 

The X250 is available in 3 different sizes: king, queen and California king and features upholstery options of black leather or grey fabric.  

 Ultimate bed with massage reclining chair and speakers 

This modern bed might be one of the best smart modern beds on the market. It is packed with many features sure to improve your quality of life and sleep. Ultimate Smart Bed has plenty of beds that offer a massage chair along with the bed, but this bed has a reclining massage chair, so not only do you get to adjust the intensity, duration and massage modes of the chair, but also the inclination. In addition, it comes with a safe storage box and an extra stool providing additional storage.  

 Ultimate’s X250 Smart bed – blue mixed 

This smart bed is the perfect bed for someone who wants something that is not very bulky but still packed with many modern features. Some of the features in the bed include extra storage, an adjustable table, shelves and a stereo system. The bookshelf takes up an entire side of the bed, so this will suit someone with a book collection they want to keep in arm’s reach. There are also a few drawers in the foot space. The bed size options are queen or king size. 

Ultimate X400 smart bed in wine  

This bed is an all-in-one modern bed. It comes with a massage chair and inclining bed base, and its more standout features include a mini dressing table with a mirror and stool. It has extra storage, a bookshelf, a reading lamp and a safe box. Considering the number of features this bed has, it is sleek and relatively compact. Perfect for someone who needs more features in their smart bed, it comes in 3 different sizes – queen, king and California king. 

Ultimate P240 modern bed with speakers  

This bed has a unique yet straightforward and modern design. It is equipped with an unbeatable speaker system so you can listen to music, audiobooks, meditation sounds or anything you like while sleeping or relaxing. With style more like a standard bed but with a speaker system built into the headboard, this is a perfect option for anyone who wants a smart bed that is simple and uncomplicated to sleep in and enjoy good music.  

Ultimate P410 smart work with chaise lounge 

This is a very luxurious looking modern bed.  The contrast of dark wood against the fabric makes this bed look very opulent and inviting. 

It comes with an inclining bed mattress, a massage chair with remote control, plenty of storage room in the foot area and on the side, an audio system and a reading lamp. 

The P410 bed comes in 3 sizes: Euro King, Euro double King, and Euro Super King. 

Euro Double cm27026094
Euro King cm27525094
Euro Super King cm25526594
Ultimate Smart Bed – P410 Bed Sizes

Fano luxury smart bed with chaise lounge and a crib for babies 

Perfect for a couple with a newborn, this bed features a built-in crib, so you can stay close to your baby and still sleep in your own bed. It comes with everything you could possibly need, including extra storage, a massage chair and two extra rotatable stools attached to the bed. The crib feature is the standout of this bed and would undoubtedly make life easier for those late-night feeds! 

Additional features include a wireless charging option and a fridge. This silent mini-fridge means that you can have a mini-bar in the comfort of your own room. This is ideal for new parents because they can lie down and relax with a massage and a cold beverage after a long day of taking care of a baby. 

Leone ultimate bed with bedside cot for babies  

The Leon Ultimate bed is a dream come true for any couple who wants to have a child in the future or simply wants a modern bed that combines practicality and beauty. It comes with many beautiful features like storage, drawers and two attached chairs that can be adapted into a baby’s crib. Use the comfortable chairs by day and night, transform the chairs into an integrated crib to keep your baby close by. Additional features in this modern bed include an electronically adjustable inclining bed base, side table and one of the best-selling points of this bed: the bedside dressing table.  

This bed comes in 3 sizes – queen, king, and California king.  

Ultimate V20-C smart bed with massage chairs, speakers, and TV mechanism 

The Ultimate V20-C smart bed is your number 1 ultimate bed. It comes with a massage chair with remote control, an adjustable desk and a TV mechanism so you can watch TV in the comfort of your bed. Its design is modern and elegant with a touch of creativity and comes with more inclusions like storage, a bedside table and a reading lamp. It comes in two sizes: queen and king size.  

Ultimate V20-B smart bed with speakers and TV mechanism 

The Ultimate V20 bed is another elegant, modern addition to any bedroom. This smart bed system comes with an adjustable bedside desk on each side and a TV mechanism system. In addition, there are two drawers on each side, a reading lamp and extra storage. The Ultimate V20 comes in three sizes: queen, king and California king.  

Ultimate V20-A smart bed with speakers  

The V20-A smart bed is very similar to the V20-B, minus the massage chair and TV mechanism. This bed comes with a speaker system, reading lamp, two drawers and a safe box. It comes in 3 different sizes: queen, king and California king.

Ultimate K20 smart bed with TV mechanism  

The K20 is a modern mix of beauty and practicality with an inclining bedside with remote control. It is perfect for people who like to spend their free time just lounging in bed. The bed base can be adjusted to incline, so it’s suitable for people who like to enjoy different activities in their bed like watching TV, reading a book or doing some work. There is an audio system and a power socket, so you will not have to leave your bed because everything you need is within arm’s reach. 

It comes in 3 sizes: Euro double, Euro king, and Euro super king. 

Ultimate X400 smart adjustable TV bed with chaise lounge and speakers  

This beautiful modern bed comes with everything you would want in a contemporary bed and its classy design gives it a luxurious and opulent look. The contrast of grey to brown creates a very natural yet modern feeling. The bed has an inclining mattress which you can adjust to suit your preference. It comes with a lot of extra storage room, including a spacious bookshelf and a modern massage chair as well as a TV mechanism. This bed is perfect for anybody who wants to feel like a royal once they are home.  

Warranty shipping and return policy 

Ultimate Smart Bed offers a 14-day return policy. If you are unhappy with anything in the bed, you can return it for a full refund as long as the bed is in good condition.  

Custom orders are not refundable unless the customer has not received their order after 24 weeks of placing a deposit.  

Ultimate Smart Beds come with a full 2-year warranty and free delivery service for any buyer in the United States of America. An online chat service is available at any time of the day for additional enquiries.  

These 14 modern beds each have unique features that differentiate them from other standard beds. Each bed is very carefully designed with special features and technology to suit a range of lifestyles and budgets. Without a doubt, you will find something you like in this collection if you are going for a highly functional, stylish, modern bed