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The Ultimate Smart Bed | Luxury Smart Bed Offering and Models

Bring the Ultimate Luxury to your Bedroom! 

The words smart bed and luxury are somewhat synonymous; however, there are definitely different levels of opulence in the Ultimate Smart Bed collections. lf you are looking to splurge and invest in your health and wellness while still keeping it classy, the Luxury Smart Bed Collection is the right place to start looking.    

Ultimate Smart Bed presents a luxury smart bed collection of nine extravagant beds. These luxury multifunctional beds are equipped with similar innovative elements but each has its own feature that makes it unique and sets it apart from the others. It might be the material it’s made from, the extra inclusions and features that come with the bed or simply the size and shape that gives the bed its own luxury feel. 

Below, we get into bed with this Luxury Collection and explore all the special features each of the beds include. For customers looking to pair cutting edge sleep technology with furniture that makes you feel like you live in a 5-star resort, let’s see what Ultimate Smart Bed can offer. 

Alisca luxury round bed  

A unique, luxury bed, the Alisca luxury round bed comes with features like a Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger and spacious storage facilities. What makes this bed stand out, though, is its distinctive shape. Breaking away from the typical rectangular shape, this design is circular and it can function as a bed or a chair. For those who live in a tight space, such as a studio or one-bedroom apartment, this bed might just be the right choice for you. During the day, it can be folded away to function as a comfortable and stylish lounge and by night, it can transform into a luxury smart bed.  

Other features of this bed include a built-in music player with Bluetooth, USB and auxiliary functionality, handy storage and a wooden bookcase. It also comes with LED lighting by the foot of the bed and is finished in an elegant natural walnut veneer. The Alisca is available in fabric or leather and is made as a king-size bed. 

Arrius luxury round bed  

This beautiful bed is another round bed just like the Alisca and it also comes with king-size dimensions. Sleeping in this bed, you will feel like you are at a 5-star hotel or resort every day in the comfort of your own home. Reading and listening to music in bed will become easy luxuries with a built-in sound and speaker system, reading lamps and a handy bookshelf within arm’s reach.  The Arrius luxury round bed also features built-in storage and a hidden safe and is detailed in a beautiful natural walnut veneer, adding to the bed’s style and opulent look.   

Ultimate L4 smart bed 

This uniquely styled bed comes in three different colours: Ultimate L4 smart bed – red, Ultimate L4 smart bednavy and Ultimate L4 smart bedblue and is designed to be a highly luxurious feature of the bedroom. The contrast of fabric or leather to the pinewood is gorgeous, and it is a well-constructed, sturdy smart bed. Featuring inclusions such as in-built speakers, storage compartments, an adjustable mattress and a display cabinet, this bed comes in Euro king, Euro double king and Euro super king options. 

Belna Luxury smart bed with chaise lounger chair and Bluetooth speakers 

This spacious and luxurious bed is well-equipped with everything you need when you want to spend a day without leaving the comfort of your bedroom!. It comes with a motorised massage bed, a sound system with speakers, openable glass holders, a spacious bookshelf that can be closed and a reading lamp. It even has a drawer in the partition of the bed so you can enjoy a coffee or glass of wine in bed and you can place your laptop on the adjustable side table if you need to do some urgent work late at night. The Belna Luxury Smart bed comes in 4 different sizes : full, Queen, King and California King.

Sizes Mattress Size Overall size 
Queen Size 60” W x 80” L (152.4cm x 203.2cm)  88” W x 104” L (223.52cm x 264.16 cm) 
King Size 76” W x 80” L (193.04 cm x 203.2 cm) 104” W x 104” L (264.16cm x 264.16cm) 
California King 72” W x 84” L (182.8 cm x 213.36 cm) 100” W x 108” L (254 cm x 274.32 cm) 
Belna Smart bed Sizing

Villena luxury smart bed with chaise lounger and Bluetooth speakers 

This luxury bed comes with everything you need, such as a motorised massage system and storage space. It also comes with a built-in fridge so you can have your own minibar in your bedroom! Available in 3 different sizes, this bed is upholstered in a dark grey colour which should suit most room aesthetics. However, if you prefer a different colour, custom options can be arranged by emailing the support team at Other features of this bed include spacious storage compartments, including a hidden safe, USB and power inputs and a sound system with built-in speakers. Made from the high-quality materials you would expect in a luxury bed, the Villena Luxury Smart Bed is appointed with beautiful natural walnut veneer elements. 

Kazan luxury Smart TV bed with chaise lounger chair and Bluetooth speakers   

Kazan Luxury Smart TV Bed is a luxury bed made for anyone who wants to enjoy a luxurious bed with maximum features. It comes with an inclining chair, motorised massage bed and a smart tv mechanism so you can watch tv while lying in bed or enjoying a massage. You can also enjoy a cold beverage while watching tv, thanks to the minibar this bed comes with! Additional features of the Kazan include a sound system, openable glass holders, spacious storage options including drawers and a safe. It also includes handy reading lamps, USB ports and a power plug for charging your devices. 

Velsen luxury Smart TV bed with chaise lounger chair and Bluetooth speakers  

This beautiful bed has a very luxurious feel thanks to the design and choice of material, which is available in either fabric or leather. Equipped with a massage chair, TV mechanism system and a built-in mini fridge, this bed takes entertainment to a whole new level. Enjoy watching movies or listening to your favourite tunes while enjoying a massage and a cold beverage! Other features of this bed include a high-quality sound system, openable glass holders, a bookcase and an adjustable side table. It also features hidden storage, including a safe and built-in reading lamps to assist you with late-night reading or work from bed. 

The Velsen Luxury Smart TV Bed comes in Euro Double, Euro King and Euro Super King.

Euro DoubleWidth: 270 cm (106.3 inches) Height: 94 cm (37 inches) Depth: 260 cm (102.4 inches) 
Euro KingWidth: 275 cm (108 inches) Height: 94 cm (37 inches) Depth: 250 cm (98.4 inches) 
Velsen Smart Bed Sizing

Rennes luxury smart bed with chaise lounger and Bluetooth speakers  

This luxury bed not only comes with an inclining chair, but the entire bed has a motorised massage system. It is perfect for anyone who would love to sleep in their bed while enjoying a massage instead of getting on a separate massage chair. This bed is especially suitable for those who wear makeup because of the specialised makeup tables and mirrors that come with it. Users of this bed will definitely benefit from the extra space because it will help them arrange all of their makeup and skincare products and keep them close. Additional features of this bed include openable glass holders, a sound system with speakers, reading lamps and storage, including a hidden safe. 

The Rennes Luxury Smart Bed is sized in Euro king, Euro double king and Euro super king.

Reus luxury smart bed with built-in TV mechanism  

Perhaps the most unique in the collection, this bed looks like it comes straight out of a fairy tale. A mix of practicality, luxury and modern beauty, this bed has an overhead frame that sets it apart from its counterparts. Its features include an automatic TV mechanism, openable glass holders, a side table and storage. 

The Reus Luxury Smart Bed come in Beige as the standard colour, however, if you want to request a custom order. It comes in 3 different sizes, king, queen and California king, and it could be finished in either fabric or leather. 

Warranty and Return Policy 

The Ultimate Smart Bed Luxury Collection comes with a 2-year warranty. Also offered is a 14-day return policy. If you are unhappy with anything in the bed, you can return it for a full refund as long as the bed is in good condition. Custom orders are not refundable unless the customer has not received their order after 24 weeks of placing a deposit.  

Elegance is nothing in a smart bed if it only boasts looks without advanced features. That is why Ultimate Smart Bed made sure that quality, sturdiness and technology are not compromised in this collection. Head over to the website to see for yourself and make your luxury selection today!