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Ultimate Smart Bed | Where to Start? Which Collection of Smart Beds is Best for You?

With over 50 smart beds spanning five different collections, investigating Ultimate Smart Bed’s vast range may initially seem a little overwhelming! Personal preference, sleep habits, style, budget and preferred inclusions all come into play when making an investment such as this. Making the task a little easier to manage, below we outline some of the essentials, some of the alternatives and some of the luxuries to help you decide which collection and, ultimately, which bed is the right one for you. 

Who is the Ultimate Smart Bed? 

Ultimate Smart Bed is a furniture company that produces and sells ‘smart’ beds and sofas. In business since 2017, Ultimate Smart Bed has had thousands of satisfied customers over their years in operation. Its mission is to ensure customers get nothing but the best quality bed to suit their lifestyle. They incorporate comfort, entertainment and style into their beds.  

Each bed focuses on giving you a relaxing experience that will improve your sleep along with your lifestyle. 

Smart beds provide different benefits, with some inclusions focusing on entertainment while others address wellbeing and lifestyle preferences and needs. So which one is for you and where do you start? Let’s begin by looking at the five main collections from Ultimate Smart Bed. 

Smart Bed TypeFeatures
Ultimate Smart Bed Luxury Collection  True to its name, this collection focuses on giving the customer a true luxury experience in a bed.  
Ultimate Smart Bed Modern Collection  This collection has upgraded features along with a more modern design
Ultimate Smart Bed Standard Collection This collection has many of the standard ‘smart’ features. Perhaps targeted at the slightly more budget conscious, the beds in this collection are for those who do not want anything too extravagant but still want to benefit from some remarkable high-tech features
Ultimate Smart Bed Round Bed Collection  This collection features two beautiful round beds
Ultimate Smart Bed TV Bed Collection If you are looking for a bed with a built-in tv mechanism system, this collection is for you. 
Smart Bed Collection

Who should buy an Ultimate Smart Bed and where should they start? 

An Ultimate Smart Bed is for anyone interested in a high-tech bed packed with additional luxuries, health benefits, and lifestyle improvements. Ranging from massage functionality, adjustable bed bases and temperature control settings to built-in lighting and sound systems, handy storage and connectivity, these smart beds truly are a smart choice. Incorporating features that improve sleep, improve your lifestyle and offer convenience and luxury, there is no one who wouldn’t benefit from an Ultimate Smart Bed.  

Some of the key features that focus on leisure and practicality include: 

  • Built-in TV Mechanism 
  • Bluetooth system 
  • High-quality speakers 
  • Bookshelves and extra storage 
  • Reading lamps and adjustable side tables  

Ultimate Smart Beds also benefit people who suffer from insomnia, aches, pains and injury.

Some of the inclusions which address these issues and alleviate health concerns include: 

  • Massage chair/massage mattress functionality 
  • Adjustable mattress or bed base so that the beds can be made more comfortable 
  • Adjustable side tables and lamps to ensure correct posture while sitting in bed to read or work 

Considerations when deciding on a Smart Bed


Naturally, for most of us, ultimately, any purchases come down to the bottom line.  The good news is that there are beds for every budget. Custom made beds attract the highest price tags as they can be specifically built to suit your particular needs.  

One of the best value beds in the Ultimate Smart Bed range is the Ultimate Bed with an integrated massage chair, speakers, and desk, sporting great features at a reasonable price. 

Health vs Entertainment 

Once you have decided on your budget, it’s essential to consider what you are looking for in a smart bed. If you are looking to ease up your lifestyle and have everything close by when you lounge in bed, the standard, modern and luxury collections are a great place to start. Offering tv mechanisms along with bookshelves and storage, these beds help to create an entertainment hub in your bedroom. Some of the beds in this category even have mini-fridges installed in them

Suppose you are more focused on getting a bed that has health benefits such as a massage chair, massage mattress or an inclining bed base to adjust your mattress to the most comfortable position possible. In that case, you should start with the Standard Collection. If your budget is a bit higher, seek out other options on the Ultimate Smart Bed website, which outlines all the beds in detail, including videos, highlights, a gallery and many reviews from previous customers. 

Top picks if you want maximum entertainment: 

  • Ultimate V20-C Cream Smart Bed with Massage Chair, Speakers and TV Mechanism 
  • Reus Luxury Smart Bed with built-in TV Mechanism 

Top 3 picks if you are looking for health benefits: 

    • The Ultimate Bed with Integrated Massage Chair, Speakers and Desk  
    • Ultimate V20-C Smart Bed with Massage Chair, Speakers and TV Mechanism
    • Hargen Ultimate Smart Bed with Massage Chair and Speakers


    As mentioned earlier, Ultimate Smart Bed offers five different collections. If you are more focused on the features of the bed instead of a unique or modern appearance, then the beds offered in the Standard Collection are the right ones for you. These smart beds have similar features to the Modern and Luxury Collections (except for the tv mechanism and mini fridge) but come in a standard design. Don’t worry; the quality is still top-notch! If you are looking for more unique, elegant beds, then the Modern and Luxury Collections are an excellent place to look.  

    Top 2 picks if you are looking for the ultimate features and luxury: 

      • Ultimate Bed with Massage Reclining Chair and Speakers 
      • Velsen Luxury Smart TV Bed with Chaise Lounge and Bluetooth Speakers 

      Best beds if you want an elegant, smart bed: 

            • Reus Luxury Smart Bed with built-in TV Mechanism 
            • Ultimate L4 Smart Bed – Navy 
            • Ultimate K20 Smart Bed with TV Mechanism 
            • Ultimate V20-A Smart Bed with Speakers 


            These are beds that stand out. If you want to prioritise an unusual bed and that is your main priority over features, you may like to consider the round bed collection. The primary way these beds stand out from the rest is by their round shape.  

            Beds suitable for a person who wants a unique design: 

              • Alisca Luxury Round Bed with Smart features & Bluetooth Speakers 
              • Arrius Luxury Round Bed with Smart features & Bluetooth Speakers 

              How many people will be sleeping in the bed:  

              When buying a smart bed, consider if you will be sleeping alone or with a partner. Or even more importantly, if you need a bed that caters to new parents. Several beds in the modern and standard bed collections offer a built-in baby crib. 

              The beds for partners with a newborn: 

                • Fano Luxury Smart Bed with Chaise Lounge and Cot Bed  
                • Leone Ultimate Bed with Bedside Cot Bed 
                • Adora Bed – Smart Multifunctional Bed

                  Material and style: 

                  Ultimate Smart Beds are available in a range of fabric and leather options. Whilst they are generally all customisable, some have limited choices of colour so it is worth doing your research. 

                  Warranty and refund policy 

                  When choosing the right bed for you, please remember that every Ultimate Smart Bed comes with a 2-year warranty.  

                  If you choose to buy a bed from the Luxury Collection, keep in mind that most of the beds are custom-made, so you will not be able to get a refund if you want to return your bed. Custom orders are only refunded if they are not delivered within 24 weeks of your order date. The rest of the beds come with a 14-day return policy. 

                   When making a purchase, if you buy a bed in stock, you will likely receive your bed within 7 to 10 working days if you live in the United States or the United Kingdom. However, if your bed is a custom order, keep in mind that it might take up to 20 weeks for your order to be ready and delivered.  

                  Ultimate Smart Bed has thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, shipping beds to more than 100 countries. So, no matter where you live, if you care about your health and want to improve your lifestyle, buying a smart bed is a smart move indeed. An investment in yourself, purchasing an Ultimate Smart Bed will bring ultimate convenience, health benefits and luxury