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The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base – Why It’s the Best Addition to Anyone’s Bedroom This Year

Who Would Benefit from The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base?

Anyone looking for a good night’s rest should consider the Purple Adjustable Base. Even if you have pretty good quality sleep, you never know what a few degrees’ torso adjustment can do for you. So, we suggest anyone shopping for a new base tries out this one.

Considering the presets, the Purple Adjustable Base has particular value for the following buyers:

  • Snorers who need to breathe easier at night
  • Families or couples who enjoy watching TV in bed together
  • Remote workers requiring comfortable working positions
  • Patients with chronic body aches

Introducing the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base

Did you know some experts believe only about one in three people get enough sleep each night? Are you one of the lucky ones? Or could you be in desperate need of the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base without knowing it?

Of course, there’s much that influences the quality of your sleep. Think temperature, stress levels and general health. But your bed itself plays an integral role in creating a beneficial sleep environment.

So, why is this such a complex problem to solve? For one thing, you’re unique, so how can basic bed designs meet different consumers’ needs? That’s the beauty of the customisable features on the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base and why this bed will make all your sleep dreams come true!

What is the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base?

This is the base you need to support your mattress. You can set its different sections—like the feet and torso areas—in various ways. This provides angles to support your body where and how you need it.

It’s the Purple Adjustable Bed Frame you need if a different sleeping position will improve your health or simplify your life while recovering from an operation. However, its many settings cater to other uses, too, as you’ll see below.

The design allows you to fit the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base inside a bed frame, making it easy to manage aesthetics in your bedroom.

What are the Main Features of the Purple Adjustable Base?

Biggest Draw Card is the Setting Option

One of the most valuable aspects of the Purple adjustable bed frame compared to others on the market is the versatility in terms of settings and positions. Depending on your needs or preferences, you’ll find your ideal setting in one of the following categories.

Fixed Presets

Purple has created fixed presets that ensure a quick set-up of your environment:

  • Zero Gravity: Apart from feeling ultra-comfortable, this position is a remedy for many people suffering from issues like back pain. The preset changes the position of the head and the feet, resulting in equal weight distribution when you lie down. These angles are based on scientific research and result in less tension on certain joints than usual. The benefits range from improved blood flow to a reduction in pain and even better breathing. That means better quality sleep!
  • Flat Preset: To return the bed to a traditional flat surface, simply push the preset instead of wasting time pressing buttons to adjust each of the sections.

Custom Settings

You’re not limited to picking one of the fixed preset buttons. There are also two customisable presets to use. Use the default setting of these buttons to adjust it to the ideal angles that work for your unique body:

  • Sitting position: The bed can support you in an upright position but perhaps somewhere between sitting upright and lying down, you’ll find the sweet spot to work comfortably on your laptop. So, experiment and find the exact angle that works for you. This is a helpful setting for any remote workers planning on working from the bed for the day. With sufficient support, you’ll experience less fatigue and get more done.
  • Anti-snore setting: Pick the setting that will support your head and torso at an angle. Thanks to less pressure on your airways, this can be your much hoped-for solution for snoring. With them staying more open, you can experience unobstructed breathing.

Customising these presets means you only press one button to adjust the bed to the perfect angles each time.

Up & Down

For any position, you’ll use the Up and Down buttons that control the head and foot areas of the base. Whether it’s to sleep comfortably, watch a movie in bed or adjust for comfort after an operation, your bed can offer precisely what you need.

You can see these presets bring you value for money since they help you live your chosen lifestyle and improve your quality of life.

Love the Look: Great Aesthetics

Buying a more functional bed doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the theme and look of your bedroom. You can have the same sleek aesthetics thanks to the Purple Ascent Adjustable base fitting neatly within the footprint of a standard bed frame.

Overall, the design looks modern, stylish and sleek, so you may be surprised how this one item instantly upgrades your room.

Ease of Use: Remote Controlled

If it complements your existing décor, an alternative is to use the base on its own. The designers added aesthetically pleasing wood legs that blend with many different décor styles. They matched this with grey fabric covering the base, another hue you can easily incorporate into your décor.

So, how do you control all your new positions for sleep and work? It’s all done with the touch of a button, on the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base remote. The eight-button layout is easy to understand and the small design feels comfortable in your hand.

Apart from the four preset buttons, you’ll find:

  • Two buttons to control the up and down movement of the head
  • Two buttons for the up and down movement of the foot section
  • On a split king-sized base’s remote, there’s a side selector switch

Note: the base can only pair with one remote. The only exception is on the Purple Split King Adjustable Base, where your purchase includes two remotes.

Value for Money: 10 Year Guarantee

Wondering if the Ascent Purple Adjustable Bed Frame is the best way to invest your furniture budget?

Firstly, remember that finding a more comfortable sleeping position can lead to more hours of sleep. You’ll feel more rested and less stressed, which can have a positive influence on your health in the long run. You may even save on some medical bills.

Secondly, you’re buying a base covered by a 10-year warranty.

For many reasons, the Ascent Purple Adjustable Base is a wise long-term investment.

Bonus Extras That Make The Buying Decision So Much Easier

USB Ports

The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base offers practical solutions and intelligent living for modern lifestyles. Look on the sides and notice USB charging ports near the head of the bed. This makes for easy charging of your mobile devices next to you at night and you don’t even have to take a break from lying back and enjoying Netflix!

The charging ports on the Purple Adjustable Base also give you some flexibility in setting up your room. Thanks to accessible power sources, you’re not forced to position the bed between existing power outlets. You also don’t have to add additional wiring to give two sleepers charging facilities. Simply make sure there’s a cable supply for the bed itself, and you’re sorted. That’s much safer and less cluttered living!

Headboard Brackets

Optional extras include headboard brackets. You can securely attach your existing headboard to your new base without any DIY alterations that could damage the base.

Will it Work for Your Mattress?

For any of the available sizes in the Purple Adjustable Bed range, Purple manufactures a mattress to fit. Alternatively, use the bed with any standard mattress designed for adjustable beds. That makes it a helpful upgrade to your existing adjustable bed setup.

What Purple Adjustable Base Sizes are Available?

DimensionsProduct Weight (lbs)
Twin XL
37.7” x 79.6” x 12.1”

59.8” x 79.6” x 12.1”

79.7” x 75.9” x 12.1”
California King

83” x 72” x 12.1”
Split King

37.7” x 79.6” x 12.1” (x2)
Purple Adjustable Base Sizes

These bases come with 9” legs, creating some handy storage space under your bed.

No Risk Option – Try it for 100 Nights

Of course, even the best beds and mattresses in the world don’t work for everyone. You need some time to determine if the Purple Ascent Adjustable base will offer you the comfortable sleeping environment you’re hoping for. This makes the trial period such a helpful feature.

You’ll have 100 days, which is enough time to try out different angles for your presets and see how your body responds to sleeping on this base. The brand requires a minimum of 21 days to ensure familiarity with the product. This proves the brand’s understanding of its client base and experience in the industry.

So, set it up, try different settings and compare it with your existing environment. If it doesn’t work for you, simply return it.

One change to your bedroom can improve your health and help you live in more comfort and luxury than you thought possible—for sleep, work or leisure. As a bonus, it looks sleek and modern, adding a stylish touch to your bedroom décor.

So, when will you make a smart long-term investment in a Purple adjustable base?

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