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Amerisleep Adjustable Base: Modern Comfort Redefined

Amerisleep, a leading American brand, has revolutionized sleep products, elevating them to new heights. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies, Amerisleep is ushering in a new era of sleep innovation.

One of their most impressive contributions is the Amerisleep adjustable bed. This adjustable frame goes beyond convenience and comfort, providing individuals with highly specialized interventions that target the person’s unique idiosyncrasies, resulting in quality rest. 

In this article, we will cover: 

  • Who Is Amerisleep & Why Should You Care?
  • Amerisleep’s Adjustable Bed Frames – Where Technology Meets Humanity 
  • Are You in Need of an Amerisleep Solution

Discovering Amerisleep: What Makes Them Stand Out

As one of the most recognized pioneers in the sleeping industry, this US-based manufacturing company continues to stand out from the crowd even while the industry has undergone a massive boom. Amerisleep, founded in 2010, impressively keeps company with top competitors like Tempur-Pedic and Zinus. 

Their goal was to offer Americans sleeping products proudly made in the US. These days, most American products are manufactured in other countries like China, so Amerisleep has set themselves apart by giving Americans a home-grown solution to their sleeping problems. 

What also makes the brand highly desirable is the fact that they create eco-friendly mattresses. As consumers are becoming more concerned about the state of our environment, they are shifting to brands with a social conscience. As such, Amerisleep’s environmental awareness has not gone unnoticed. 

The breathable, responsive, and eco-friendly Bio-Pur material they use improves mattress durability while preventing the accumulation of allergens. 

But this isn’t the only reason for Amerisleep’s popularity. 

The Amerisleep company makes a point of keeping customers satisfied throughout the entire buyer’s journey. That is, they don’t only focus on great service or ground-breaking products. From the moment a customer lands on their website or gets in contact with their staff, they guarantee excellence. 

Their sleeping products include mattresses, pillows, bedding, and flat-bed bases, but their most impressive contribution to date is the sophisticated design and effective results of their Amerisleep adjustable bed bases. 

You’re probably wondering what an adjustable bed base is and whether you need one. Not to worry. Keep reading and quickly become informed enough to decide for yourself. 

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Frames: Harmonizing Technology and Comfort

Simply put, an adjustable bed frame can be altered to suit your specific sleeping needs. The head and foot of the bed can be raised or lowered, and additional technological features provide extra support, relaxation, or comfort. 

Each adjustable base has unique settings that target different conditions and ailments such as snoring, injuries, backache, etc. 

What makes Amerisleep adjustable frames unique is how technologically advanced they are, resulting in quality sleep that will have you feeling energetic, healthy, and ready to take on the world. 

Amerisleep boasts two adjustable bed frames – the Adjustable Bed Base and the Adjustable Bed+. The Adjustable Bed Base is the basic model but is effective and comes at a lower cost. The Adjustable Bed+ is Amerisleep’s premium model that comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you’ll need for a transformative sleeping experience. 

Let’s go through the features of each. 

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Base

  • Armed with a backlit wireless remote, you’ll be able to adjust the head and foot of the bed, raising or lowering it at the precise angle you need to feel comfortable. The maximum head lift is 60 degrees, while the maximum foot lift is 40 degrees. This means you can sit and work or watch TV in bed while being fully supported, so you don’t strain your muscles. You can also raise the head to prevent snoring or raise both the head and foot to lessen the pressure on sensitive parts of your body. 
  • With so many options, you can experiment with different sleeping positions until you find the exact angles that provide the comfort you need to go into a deep sleep. 
  • You can save your favourite positions by programming them into your remote. This way you won’t have to manually search for that exact angle every time. 
  • While this model doesn’t have a return policy, it does come with a 10-Year Warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This guarantees that you will get value for your money and shows how much Amerisleep believes in the quality of its products. 
  • It comes with free shipping in the continental US and takes between 7-10 working days to show up on your doorstep. 
  • You can quickly assemble the bed frame without any tools, and it has industrial-grade steel supports. However, due to its heavy, sturdy frame, at least two people should help to install it. 
  • The removable 3-in-1 legs can be adjusted to different heights of 3.6” and 9”. This accommodates your height and makes it easier to get into bed if you have an injury. If you raise it to 9″ you also have extra packing space under the bed. 
  • It is compatible with various brands of mattresses such as memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses. It is also compatible with slatted and platform beds. 
  • It is covered in grey upholstery that’s 100% polyester. 
  • It doesn’t come with underbed lighting.

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Base comes in the following sizes and weights

   Twin XL  Queen  Split King  Split California King 
Inches  38″ W x 79″ L  59″ W x 79″ L  75” W x 79″ L (2 pcs.)  71” W x 83″ L (2 pcs.) 
Centimeters  96.52 W x 200.66 L  149.86 W x 200.66 L  190.5 W x 200.66 L  180.34 W x 210.82 L 
Product Weight  112 lbs (50.8 kg)  154 lbs (69.85 kg)  224 lbs (101.6 kg) 

211 lbs (95.7 kg) 



Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

    • This premium product seamlessly integrates the technologies you are likely using in the rest of your house. You can connect it to Alexa, Google Home, and mobile app controls, linking your bed with your technological support network.   
    • If you or your sleeping partner struggle with sleep apnea, heartburn, poor circulation, back pain, or acid reflux, you have settings that will alleviate these conditions. Simply use the remote control, your mobile app, Google Home, or Alexa to adjust the incline of the head or foot of the bed precisely as you need. 
    • It comes with wall slider technology which means that as you adjust your bed, the mattress continues to hug the wall so that your nightstand always remains within reach.   
    • This sophisticated bed frame offers a modern rolling wave massage that has three intensity settings (pulse, rolling-wave, and full-body). 
    • Other nifty features include pillow-tilt articulation, USB ports, underbed LED lighting, and a MicroHook™ retention system. 
    • You won’t be able to return the base, but you receive a “free setup” offer, so you don’t have to lift a finger, as well as a 10-Year Warranty and a flexible payment plan. 
    • The frame, legs, and retainer bar are made of steel, while the upholstery is made of 100% polyester. You can also adjust the height of the legs for your comfort. 
    • It is compatible with mattresses made of memory foam, latex and hybrid latex. The Amerisleep brand supplies users with several mattresses that match the Adjustable Bed+ so different sleepers can enjoy multiple options.

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ comes in a wide range of sizes and weights: 

   Twin XL  Full  Queen  King  California King  Split King 
Inches  37” W x 79” L  53” W x 74” L  59″ W x 79″ L  75” W x 79″ L  71” W x 83″ L (2 pcs.)  75” W x 79″ L (2 pcs.) 
Centimeters  96.52 W x 200.66 L  134.62 W x 187.96 L  149.86 W x 200.66 L  190.5 W x 200.66 L  180.34 W x 210.82 L  190.5 W x 200.66 L 
Weight  119 lbs (53.98 kg)  145 lbs (65.78 kg)  148 lbs (67.13 kg)  238 lbs (108 kg)  238 lbs (108 kg)  238 lbs (108 kg)

Exploring Your Options: Is Amerisleep the Solution You Need?

If you find that you sleep poorly at night because you’re in pain or simply uncomfortable, then Amerisleep’s adjustable bed frames provide you with the ideal sleeping conditions. 

Remember, it’s not just about whether you sleep, but whether you are going into a deep sleep for long enough that matters. 

Amerisleep recommends their adjustable bed frames for anyone who: 

  • Is a senior or pregnant as they struggle with various aches, pains, and discomfort.
  • Suffers from everyday pain thanks to the nature of your job. 
  • Likes watching TV or working in bed. 
  • Sleeps with a partner with different sleep preferences. The split-top feature allows you to adjust your half while your partner can opt for different settings. 

Embark on a Revolutionary Sleep Journey with Amerisleep

Amerisleep is a brand that keeps pace with the latest technological developments, using these discoveries to make sleeping a wonderful experience rather than a constant struggle. 

Here is what past customers have had to say about the brand and its products: 

I just love my adjustable bed from Amerisleep. I’ve never enjoyed a bed set as much as this one. It’s absolutely the best bed I have ever experienced. Quality sleep comes from quality by Amerisleep.

– Tina DFW, Texas, 75201, USA 

Best purchase of my adult life so far! I waited a while to buy the adjustable bed, and I wish I had bought it sooner. Being able to sit up in bed makes all the difference when you are feeling sick, sore, or just done with adulting and need to just have a place to sit comfortably that isn’t a chair or couch. Ultimate comfort physically and mentally. The massage feature is an added bonus.

Chair the bed enthusiast, Maryland, 21890, USA 

We have always talked about getting an adjustable bed and we finally splurged. This adjustable bed combined with our Amerisleep mattress is divine! My husband and I absolutely love it! We both often use the Zero G position to sleep in. I no longer wake up with lower back pain! My husband loves the vibrating feature, too. This is well worth your time, and this is coming from someone with a spine injury who needs good support!!

Kandi, Oklahoma City, 73008,USA 

Transform Your Bedroom with Amerisleep Adjustable Bed: Embrace Technology for Your Best Days Ahead!

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