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Ultimate Smart Bed | The Standard Collection

The Ultimate Smart Bed - Standard Collection
The Ultimate Smart Bed – Standard Collection

Beds That are Anything but Standard!

Have you been yearning for a good night’s sleep and a more comfortable and luxurious lifestyle? Ultimate Smart Bed is here to offer you the best smart beds in the market at very competitive prices. Their Ultimate Smart Bed standard collection consists of 6 different superbly designed beds, ranging in budget, features and style.  

Ultimate Smart Bed understands that its customers are looking to spoil themselves with smart beds that will help them have the best sleep of their lives. Here we review six beds that offer exactly that with some bonus hidden surprises in the entertainment department. Let’s learn about the exciting features and technology that have been incorporated into these fantastic beds.  

Who needs a smart bed from the Standard Collection? 

In today’s fast-moving world, most of us spend the entire day hustling to head to work, handle our matters, organise the family and hang out with friends if we’re lucky.  

We can, without a doubt, confirm that we need a healthy sleeping routine to take on the everyday obstacles we face. The Ultimate Smart Bed is a bed made for a person who wants to relax, treat themselves and get a good night’s sleep while enjoying the luxuries and technology that come with a smart bed like this.

The Standard Collection from Ultimate Smart Bed offers a range of beds with amazing features, including massage technology, Bluetooth connectivity and even a bar fridge and built-in desk so you can deal with those late-night work demands without leaving the comfort of your bed!  Without a doubt, you will enjoy better sleep and more extraordinary luxury in your life with any of the beds in this collection. 

Imagine a bed that can combat insomnia! Or help to relieve pressure from aches and pains or injuries. In addition to sleeping better, the smart beds provide other practical benefits like a charging station, storage and bookshelf. You can also drift off to sleep with the soothing sounds of your favourite playlist, thanks to the built-in stereo speaker system that connects to your devices wirelessly. 

So, which beds make up the Ultimate Smart Bed Standard Collection? 

Bed name Features 
The Ultimate Bed Integrated massage system, speakers, and desk 
The Ultimate Bed standard version Upgraded massage system, upgraded speaker system and desk 
The Ultimate Bed leather version Integrated massage system, speakers and desk with leather upholstery 
Haburo Multifunctional Bed Custom features 
Hargen Ultimate Smart Bed Massage chair and speakers 
Adora Smart Multifunctional Bed  Custom features 
Ultimate Smart Bed Standard Collection Range

What features are common to all the beds in the Standard Collection? 

Built-in audio system  

Blast music when you want to or listen to some soothing tunes or mediation tracks when you are trying to rest. You could even play an audiobook to take the effort out of reading while you lay in bed

Reading table and lamp  

This built-in feature will help you get work done late at night on the handy desk or simply provide some light if you want to read your favourite book in the dark 


A built-in shelf to keep all your favourite books close by is a handy inclusion. The space of the shelves may vary depending on the type of standard bed you choose 

Massage chair 

5 of these beds (excluding the Haburo Bed) come with inbuilt massage chairs that are equipped with eight different vibration settings, nine different intensity modes and a remote control to navigate the various programs 

The Ultimate Bed with Integrated Massage Chair, Speakers and Desk  

This ultimate smart bed comes with a built-in massage feature empowered by multiple vibration points across the chair to give you a full body massage in the comfort of your own home.  

The massage chair is controlled by a remote and you have the option to adjust the temperature and strength of the vibration to your liking. Equipped with multiple vibration massage motors, intensity options, massage modes and heat functionality, this is a sure way to relieve weary muscles.  

Other fantastic features of this smart bed include the built-in speaker system, an adjustable table to allow you to get work done or eat in your bed, a storage compartment to keep your valuable belongings and a reading lamp. The bed also comes with an adjustable footstool placed conveniently at the end of the bed. Use this to rest your feet or move it to either side of the bed to suit your personal needs and preferences. 

The Ultimate Bed with Integrated Massage Chair, Speakers and Desk – Leather version 

The Ultimate Bed With Integrated Massage Chair, Speakers and Desk Leather
The Ultimate Bed With Integrated Massage Chair, Speakers and Desk Leather

This Ultimate Smart Bed comes with the same features as the Ultimate Bed but with the added luxury of a leather finish. The leather Ultimate Bed is made from a soft but thick, sturdy, top-quality leather that will be durable for years to come.

Customers are delighted with this version of the Ultimate Smart Bed, which comes in 9 different leather colours. As for the other models, your order can be customised to include the features of your choosing. Email the Ultimate Smart Bed team at for a quotation.  

The Ultimate Bed with Integrated Massage Chair, Speakers and Desk – Standard Version 

The standard version of the ultimate bed is the perfect choice if you are looking for a minimalist smart bed that offers the same comfort levels. This standard bed is packed with the same fantastic features as the other beds but doesn’t include the power socket or extra storage room.

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful bed, this one is for you. The standard bed comes in 6 different colours and could be made in fabric or leather, depending on your choice. This bed also features an upgraded sound system and massage system

Haburo Multifunctional Bed 

Haburo Multifunctional Bed
Haburo Multifunctional Bed

The Haburo multi functional bed is designed for the buyer looking for a luxurious-looking standard smart bed without the hefty price tag. You get all the features of the standard bed along with a socket and extra storage room but in a very extravagant design. Custom options apply with this bed so email the Ultimate Smart Bed team to find out more. 

Adora Bed – Smart Multifunctional Bed 

If you enjoy a cold beverage in bed, then this is the best smart bed for you. The Adora bed comes with all the Ultimate Bed’s amazing features with the inclusion of a mini fridge! Thanks to this smart bed system, you can have a cold beer or drink while lying down comfortably, getting some work done or treating yourself to a massage.

This bed is for the buyer who wants the complete luxury package along with a broader choice of colours. More nude colours are included in this version of the smart bed, such as light brown, beige and light grey. 

Hargen Ultimate Smart Bed 

Hargen Ultimate Smart Bed With Massage Chair and Speakers
Hargen Ultimate Smart Bed With Massage Chair and Speakers

The Hargen Ultimate Smart Bed is an excellent choice for anybody who wants more space to keep personal belongings safe. It has a lockable secure storage compartment with a password to keep valuable belongings. The bed is very chic and comfortable and comes with all the unique features found in the other Ultimate Smart Beds like a built-in audio system, massage chair, remote control and more.

The bed is made from pinewood and fabric and comes in 2 colours, light grey and dark grey.  

Shipping and Delivery 

Ultimate Smart Bed delivers its furniture to every corner of the world

The beds in stock usually take 7-10 days to arrive (for US customers). Custom orders and products out of stock will take a little longer, with expected delivery around 8-12 weeks from the initial payment.  

Warranty and Return Policy

The beds in the Standard Collection come with a full 2-year warranty. There is also a 14-day return policy as long as the beds are in good condition. Custom orders are non-refundable unless the customers have not received their order within 24 weeks of paying a deposit. 

The Ultimate Smart Bed Standard Collection is a blend of innovation, technology and luxury. Each bed has a beautiful design that looks the part but has all the right features to give you a relaxing night’s sleep and make your bed an entertainment hub or workstation if you so desire. Head over to the Ultimate Smart Bed website to explore how you would benefit from a smart bed system like this.