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The Purple Adjustable Base That Powers Quality Sleep

Did you know that approximately 62% of adults across the world don’t think they sleep well? This means that most of us are functioning at less than our best every day. 

Now, take a moment and imagine how different your life would be if you got quality sleep every night. You would think faster, have a stronger immune system, and be in a better mood… 

What’s not to love about that? 

Thanks to Purple, there’s no need to imagine anymore. 

Purple is an online sleep store that leverages the latest technology to create advanced solutions to getting quality sleep. They are the leaders in producing adjustable bed frames, which have become increasingly sought-after for their customized comfort. 

As such, Purple should be your first point of contact when counting sheep starts to feel like your full-time job. If you, or someone you love, struggle to get quality rest, it’s time to find solutions. 

Purple’s adjustable bed frames provide the comfort you need and capture what the brand stands for. 

This article will cover: 

·       Purple’s Purpose 

·       What Purple Stands For – The Purple Adjustable Base 

·       What Makes Purple Preferable? 

·       Pick Purple Today 

Purple’s Purpose 

Purple’s products are so effective because they are crafted to treat a range of specific problems. 

This Utah-based company opened its doors in 2015 thanks to founders Tony and Terry Pearce. Their direct-to-consumer business model originally sold wheelchairs and then started selling mattresses to treat people’s sleeping problems. 

The company gradually evolved, and luckily for us, brothers Pearce decided to produce advanced solutions for specific types of sleepers and sleeping challenges.  

Their adjustable bed frames are an excellent example of what Purple stands for, which is: 


·       Customers can easily browse through the products online and quickly get all the information they need to make an informed decision. 

·       They offer free shipping on certain products like their Purple adjustable bed frames and even include free white glove delivery and setup. This means you don’t have to lift a finger. 

·       Purple understands how important human contact is, so they connect you with humans rather than robots. If you need help, you can call them, chat with their sleep experts, or visit their showrooms. 

·       They design their products to match what you already have. For example, you don’t need a Purple mattress to buy one of their adjustable bed frames. Their bed frames can accommodate any mattress designed for adjustable bed frames.  


·       Purple creates comfort for the individual sleeper. Rather than using a cookie-cutter approach to solving sleeping problems, they provide different solutions that genuinely address the sleeper’s challenges. 

·       Purple’s adjustable bed frames show how much they care about providing customized comfort for every individual. The Purple Power Base and Purple Ascent Adjustable Base have a range of settings and features that empower people to get the comfort they need. We’ll cover this in more detail below. 


·       While Purple focuses on getting tangible results, they also craft visually appealing products. With their minimalist aesthetic, you can seamlessly integrate their products with your current look and feel. 

·       By using simple colors (such as grey) and simple materials (such as steel and wood), you won’t need to worry about clashing with the décor. 


·       Purple is always in the business of coming up with new solutions to enhance comfort and convenience. If you look at their mattresses, they use a revolutionary material utilized in hospitals called GelFlex. This grid molds itself to your movements, supporting your body seamlessly no matter what position you take. 

·       If you consider all the features and settings of their adjustable bed frames, you see how forward-thinking they are in their solutions. Every product is uniquely designed to deliver quality sleep and Purple keeps experimenting with new approaches.   

What Purple Stands For – The Purple Adjustable Base 

Purple has two adjustable bed frames – the Purple Power Base and the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base. We’ll showcase what the brand stands for by unpacking these products. 

The Purple Power Base is revolutionary because it relieves pressure points and supports the spine in a wide range of positions. This makes it ideal for: 

·       Managing sleep apnea or snoring 

·       Working in bed 

·       Pregnant women 

·       Seniors 

·       Those suffering from arthritis, musculoskeletal issues, or chronic fatigue syndrome 

·       People who suffer from significant stress 

The unique settings that shift the head and foot of the bed are designed to target each of these conditions. The Ascent Adjustable Base only differs insofar as it doesn’t have a massage feature.   

Positions & Performance 

As we’ve mentioned, Purple constantly comes up with new solutions to provide comfort that leads to quality sleep.  

As such, both the Purple Power Base and the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base have a range of settings that deliver quality performance. Let’s start with the Purple Power Base: 

·       The Sit-In-Bed Setting – With the click of a button, you can raise the head of the bed as much as you need to get into a comfortable seated position. 

·       The Zero Gravity Setting – This setting raises both the sleeper’s head and feet which improves blood flow, enhances oxygenation, and reduces stress on muscles and organs. Who knew that entering space could be this beneficial for Earth-dwellers?   

·   The Anti-Snore Setting – This setting raises the head of the bed which effectively prevents or stops snoring. This means that whether you or your partner is the culprit, you no longer need to sleep in different rooms! 

·       The Flat Setting – As the name indicates, this setting will lower the head and foot of the bed, returning it to the original flat position. 

·       The Massage Setting – For added relaxation, you can also make use of the massage feature, known as a frequency resonant massage, that doesn’t vibrate the entire bed frame. You can even customize the massage by adjusting the strength and pattern setting. 

And if all these settings aren’t enough, you can also change the settings on your remote control. Buttons 1-4 are programmed with pre-set positions, but you can alter this by manually adjusting the bed frame as you like and holding down the number you want it set to. 

The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base has the same settings as the Purple Power Base, except for the missing massage setting as well as the fact that’s it’s harder on the ears.  

Nifty Features for Extra Comfort 

Purple’s commitment to convenience is illustrated by the streamlined remote control for The Purple Power Base and Purple Ascent Adjustable Base. 

It even comes with a small remote stand which serves the dual function of being a charging source for your laptop, phone, and other devices. 

Both Purple adjustable bed frames come with USB ports. 

The Purple Power Base has one USB port on the front of the remote stand and two A/C on the back of the remote stand. The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base has two built-in USB charging ports on either side of the bed frame, making it convenient for charging devices. 

Another great feature of the Purple Power Base is its LED lighting under the bed. This provides just enough light to avoid bumping yourself but not so much that it keeps you up. 

The Look & Feel of It 

Who said that having something practical means it can’t also be pretty? Or at least fashionably sleek. Purple cares about designing products that complement your home in a classy way. 

The Purple Power Base has an all-steel frame with steel legs. The base is 7.5” thick, and even the legs can be adjusted to match your height. You can set them at 3”, 5.25”, or 8.25”. This means you can set your bed to how tall you are or make it easier to get into if you are suffering from an injury. You’ll also find two “massage hubs” at the head and foot of the bed frame for added relaxation.   

The cover is grey and made of 100% polyester, making the surface breathable. On the interior portion of the side panels, you’ll find a layer of polyurethane foam. This protects both you and the bed from any bumps or bruises. 

What makes the Purple Power Base even more practical is that it can be placed on top of, or inside, your current bedframe by simply removing the legs. Voilà! 

The Purple Power Base can carry a weight of 850 pounds (mattress and people combined), and comes in the following sizes: 

  Twin XL  Queen  Split King 
Inches  38” x 80”  60” x 80”  38” x 80” (x 2) 
Centimeters  96.52cm x 203.2cm  152.4cm x 203.2cm  96.52cm x 203.2cm (x 2) 

The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base is equally practical and presentable. It fits into a standard bed frame and is covered in versatile grey upholstery that’s classically stylish. Instead of steel, the legs are made of warm wood that complements almost any aesthetic. 

It comes in the following sizes: 

  Twin  Full  Queen  Spit King 
Inches  39” x 80”  54” x 75”  60” x 80”  78” x 80” 
Centimeters  96.52cm x 203.2cm  137.16cm x 190.5cm  152.4cm x 203.2cm  198.12cm x 203.2cm 

Policies & Other Perks 

Purple’s standards of service show how much they value their customers. 

While you won’t be able to try out the Purple Power Base before buying it, it does come with free shipping. You also won’t be able to return it, but you do receive a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer, Reverie. You get 5-year coverage for all parts, a 2-year motor warranty, and 1 year on parts and labor. 

As an added perk, Purple includes free white glove delivery and setup so there’s no work from your side.   

Also keep in mind that all Purple mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases. 

On the other hand, the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base comes with a 100-night trial period. This gives you a chance to test it for yourself and make sure you’re completely happy. 

It also comes with a 10-year warranty covered by Ergomotion. You can even return your Purple Ascent Adjustable Base before the trial period is over or within 21 days. 

So, What Makes Purple Preferable? 

Customers are becoming ever more discerning about which brands they do business with. And one of the key considerations in making this choice is whether the brand only talks the talk or whether they also walk the walk. 

Here’s how Purple puts its money where its mouth is: 

  • They give you the option of trying out products like the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base before buying it. 
  • They deliver customized comfort by creating products with versatile settings and features. 
  • They want to hear from their customers, so you can call them, message them, or come to their showrooms. 
  • They develop new solutions by expanding the materials they use and the features they create. 

Pick Purple Today  

As you see, Purple is committed to delivering quality sleep…something so many people are living without. Their Purple adjustable bed frames are a testament to how much time and energy they’ve invested in providing the customized comfort that leads to better sleep. 

Now that you know the values that drive Purple and how these have led to the production of advanced sleep equipment – such as their state-of-the-art mattresses and game-changing adjustable bases – you can experience what they stand for first-hand. 

The time has come to pick your own Purple adjustable bed frame for quality sleep every night, giving you the quality of life you and your loved ones have always wanted. Now that’s living! 

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