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Best Adjustable Bed and Bed Frame Reviews

Discover How An Adjustable Bed Frame Can Change Your Life for The Better

With an adjustable bed you get to choose your own sleep experience. This is unique to your needs and desires.These types of beds have the ability to adjust with the natural curvature of your spine. An adjustable bed or the adjustable bed frame lets you customize your bed to gain ultimate relaxation.
An Adjustable bed can help reduce sleep apnea and snoring.
It is great for pregnant women and seniors who desire a better sleeping position without pains.
The setting on the adjustable bed can help relieve pains from arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and musculoskeletal issues.



In recent years, adjustable bed frames have become the latest must-have and there’s good reason for this. People’s lives are becoming ever more complicated, filled with daily stressors that often lead to sleeping problems. Adjustable beds can remove these obstacles to quality sleep by providing you with the comfort and relaxation you need to hit your REM cycle.

Discover how adjustable bed frames can help you with:

  • Insomnia
  • Injuries
  • Aches and pains
  • Pregnancy
  • Sleep apnea
  • Snoring

Our Categorization of Adjustable Beds

The Premium Model

You can expect a long list of features with these top rated adjustable beds, catering for both health, convenience, comfort AND luxury. This can include pillow tilt and lumbar support capabilities, with built in massage. Of course you’ll pay more, but the expense is worth it and premium models are longlasting. High tech add-ons also improve your experience, such as wireless remotes, preset positions and connection with a mobile app to adjust your bed straight from your personal device.

Bases and beds that fall into the premium models

TEMPUR Ergo Extend

This is top of the range in Tempur-Sealy’s range with loads of comfort and luxury features that cater for both general customers, the elderly and recovering patients. The wireless remote even has a child lock! No returns allowed on these sit and sleep adjustable beds but you’ll have no reason to.

An excellent balance between price and features, customisable to suit your bedroom thanks to adjustable legs. It has a high price tag and while stomach sleepers may take a while to get used to it, most users will sleep better thanks to massaging and other custom settings.

Casper Rise Adjustable Base Max

Here you get massage features and other perks like Zero Gravity settings. The company’s sleep trial isn’t very long, but you should be able to determine if it’s for you within 30 days. The 10-year warranty also gives peace of mind about the quality you’re buying.

Bases and beds that fall into the performance models

Legget and Platt Prodigy PT 3.0

From zero-clearance design to dual massage and USB ports, many features impress on this bed. With massaging and the correct inclines, your entire body can be more relaxed, resulting in better sleep. The brand doesn’t yet offer a split California King, but Split King is available.

Legget and Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite

Another Legget and Platt model of adjustable beds with massage function that performs remarkably, it has various tilt capabilities and can be operated via phone apps. It’s ideal to optimise your convenient lifestyle, while also helping those with mobility issues manage much easier.

Lucid Advanced Adjustable Bed Base

Enjoy the bouquet of features, including USB ports, a wireless remote and a quiet motor. You can use these adjustable beds with mattress options you already own – no need to get a new one. It’s known to help with snoring, acid reflux and more. Although there’s no white glove delivery service, setup is quick and easy.

The Performance Model

With Performance models it’s a huge step up from more basic models and you’ll see the difference when you compare comfort and convenience characteristics. For example, at this higher price point you can get an adjustable bed that offers “wallhugger technology”and other more sophisticated features.


These best rated adjustable beds provide excellent options to upgrade your room with and also carry a lot of value for patients or the elderly. 

The Value Model

Instead of having very limited incline options, this category is guaranteed to allow you to adjust both the head and foot of the bed. This can improve your TV watching experience, enable working in bed or offer various health benefits.


Models can also include additional features such as under-bed lighting, customisable positions, a wireless remote control, and a massage feature. These features can be helpful to improve general comfort, but also improve sleep quality and recovery processes. 

Bases that Fall into the Value Model

These electric adjustable beds are more affordable than premium models. They don’t have high tech massage features, but still facilitate a comfortable bedroom setting that can help you relax and sleep better. It’s easy to set up, doesn’t make much noise and has a user-friendly remote. Just note there’s no King size available but there is a Split King and California King size bed available.

This may be the brand’s budget model, but it’s still a quality design and the base works with many different mattresses, saving you the expense and effort of buying a new one. The limited features still impress, since you have a Zero Gravity preset and a one-button flat setting, optimising convenience in the bedroom.

This brand doesn’t allow returns, but have peace of mind you’ll love this value model’s massage capabilities and an anti-snore setting. It caters for those who are after a more comfortable TV watching experience, but can also help improve general health and wellbeing thanks to better sleep and pain management.

Bases and beds that fall into the basic models

Leggett and Platt Bas-X HFC

Rated as a basic model, this is one of the more impressive option in this category since apart from head elevation you can adjust the foot section too. To provide convenience, the manufacturer added a one-touch flat preset and an innovative extra is a flashlight on the remote control. 

Leggett and Platt Bas-X HC

From a very respected brand in the industry you can get a basic bed of excellent quality, at a very decent price. Of course, features are limited but if your comfort or health can benefit from head elevation, this model could be all you need.

The Basic Model

For adjustable beds that suit almost any budget, the basic models are wise investments. Functionality is limited, since this range usually only offers the ability to adjust the incline of the head of the bed. Still, it will be much more comfortable reading a book or working in bed. Also, the slight incline can improve sleep for some customers.

Don’t expect too many features, but know you can add the X-factor to your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Top Adjustable Bed Reviews

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Base

What sets Amerisleep apart from other brands is the affordability of their range of adjustable beds. While this US manufacturer is known for the contouring comfort of their memory foam mattresses, their adjustable bed frames have also become very popular. You can choose from two top-selling models:

Ghostbed offers personalised comfort for the modern shopper. After sustaining injuries as a professional athlete, founder Marc L. Werner created adjustable bed frames that could address every aspect of a good night’s sleep. This US-based company offers a great solution for quality sleep.

Tempur Power Bases – Tempur Ergo Power Base 2.0

As the original developer of memory foam mattresses, Tempur Pedic stands out as one of the best brands on the market. The Arthritis Foundation recommends Tempur Pedic adjustable beds as one of the most effective solutions. With their wide range of mattresses and adjustable bed frames, you can’t go wrong.


This US-based company offers adjustable beds with a feature known as SleepIQ technology. This allows you to track your sleep while also controlling the position of your bed. Sleepnumber boasts an overall rating of 4.56 out of 5 on the Better Business Bureau website.

This leading manufacturer in the development of adjustable bed frames is well-known as being one of the best options on the market. They are the largest producer of adjustable beds in North America and offer over 12 adjustable bed base models.

Casper is a sleeping brand that is continuously innovating. From their game-changing mattresses to their selection of adjustable bed frames, you are guaranteed to find the sleeping support you need. They pride themselves on offering adjustable bed frames that are integrated with the latest technology.


Lucid has only recently joined the market but their range of high-quality items make them stand out as one of the top suppliers of adjustable bed frames. This US-based company focuses on the fact that every person has unique sleeping needs, and their products reflect this.

With their invention of GelFlex Grid, Purple has set itself apart as the provider of absolute comfort while you sleep. Compared to other brands, Purple offers revolutionary technology that provides people with the latest sleep solutions.

Purple Adjustable Base King

Top Brands We Review


From this online mattress retailer you can expect advanced, luxury features ranging from built-in massaging and USB ports to an anti-snore mode. They should expand their range to include more sizes but with split sizes available, there are relevant options for most customers.

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Base

Amerisleep Adjustable Base Comparison

Amerisleep, a market leading brand offering top adjustable beds, has a range of products with standout features like whisper-quiet functionality, Zero-gravity settings and long warranty cover. Use our in-depth article on Amerisleep beds to identify the one most fitting for your unique needs and budget.

Tempur Pedic Power Bases – Tempur Ergo Power Base 2

Tempur Pedic A Base for Every Problem

Facing unique challenges that keep you from enjoying quality sleep? We reviewed Tempur Pedic’s range of bed bases, discussing all features from head lifts to Quiet Modes and Sleep Coaching. Which one suits your needs and pocket best? Here you can compare and discover the best investment for your bedroom.

Purple Sleep Genius™ Smart Base

Best Addition to Anyone’s Bedroom - Purple

You can’t go wrong with the Purple Ascent adjustable base, thanks to its many settings and features. It caters for almost any bedroom and sleeper, from snorers to patients and the elderly. We showcase all adjustable base bed benefits and sizes in detail so you can make an informed choice when buying reclining beds for seniors or other purposes.

How Adjustable Beds Help Sleep Apnea

Let’s help you make the best decisions for your health, by providing expert information on the correlation between your bed and sleep apnea. Understand your condition better AND be empowered to pick the best adjustable beds for your and your family’s health.

Ghostbed Split King for Couples

Can a bed really impact a couple’s relationship? Once you’ve discovered all the Ghostbed Split King has in store, you’ll understand why this brand is so popular with today’s couples. Create a sleeping environment that suits each person’s individual preferences, thanks to split adjustable beds like this one. You can’t get much more luxurious than that!