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The Secret to a Great Night’s Sleep with the GhostBed Adjustable Bed

Adjust your bed to fit your lifestyle! 

Inspired by a combination of quality and innovation, the adjustable GhostBed will help you achieve the sleep you have only ever dreamed about!  

Quality sleep needs to start with a great foundation and the GhostBed adjustable base provides just that.  

Features include

  • Multiple pre-set positions 
  • Under-bed lighting  
  • USB ports  
  • Compatibility with all memory foam and latex mattresses 
  • Comes in three essential sizes: twin XL, queen & split king 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • 3-year extended warranty available 

Nowadays, a comfortable mattress is not the ultimate route to a relaxed and supported sleep. Science and technology have introduced a different type of bed that can be easily adjusted to the sleeper’s preferences. As well as catering to various physical ailments such as pain management and snoring, the GhostBed adjustable base means that couples can cater to their own individual needs and preferences while still sleeping in the same bed.  The base set up provides numerous ergonomic positions and extreme comfort, all at an affordable price.  

While the revolutionary world of adjustable beds is fast-growing, the GhostBed stands out for many reasons.  If you’re interested in finding the best adjustable base on the market, you need to look no further than the GhostBed adjustable bed.  

Who is GhostBed? 

Ghostbed was founded in 2015, and is a world-renowned sleep company. With decades of experience in sleep technology behind the team, they produce and deliver luxurious yet affordable mattresses, bedding, pillows and bed frames.  Marc Werner, GhostBed CEO, created the bed initially due to personal need after enduring three neck surgeries. Tired of living and sleeping in constant pain, he started his mission to create the perfect mattress and pillow. It has been said that Werner, as a child, had feared “ghosts” were hiding under his bed and this is perhaps how the name of the company came about.  

GhostBed is famous for its bed-in-a-box mattresses which are top-notch products with fair prices. Their steady efforts have brought “affordable luxury” to plenty of satisfied customers around the world.  

The GhostBed mattress is produced in the United States and the Ghostbed adjustable base frame is manufactured in Taiwan. They offer a modern bed with plenty of exceptional aspects, the best materials and skilled craftsmanship. 

GhostBed Adjustable Base Top Features 

The adjustable GhostBed is compatible with various mattress types. So if you already have a favourite mattress, you can be pretty sure it will work with this base. However, if you need both the base and the mattress, GhostBed has all the options available. This bed is useable in endless positions, and you can adjust its upper and lower parts to suit your needs and requirements perfectly. 

GhostBeds come with an under-bed LED light and whisper-quiet massage modes. The headrest and footrest movements on a GhostBed remote will amaze you. Outlined below are some of the other fantastic features the GhostBed adjustable base has to offer. 

Available Sizes 

The GhostBed adjustable base comes in three essential sizes: twin XL, queen and split king. To create a king-size you can purchase two twin XL bases and push them together to create a king-size bed. There are also instructions in your manual on how to sync your bed frames together.  

Adjustable bed Size Dimensions (in) Dimensions (cm) 
Ghostbed Twin XL 38″ x 80″ x 15″96.52 x 203.2 x 38.1
Ghostbed Queen 60″ x 80″ x 15″152.4 x 203.2 x 38.1
Ghostbed Split king (2 Twin XL) 76″ x 80″ x 15″193.04 x 203.2 x 38.1
Ghostbed Adjustable Bed Size Options

Four Different Preset Positions 

The adjustable GhostBed provides four pre-set positions including TV, zero gravity, lounge and the all important anti-snore mode. However, you are also free to adjust the bed to suit your own needs and create different head/foot elevation combinations.  

TV & Lounge mode 

The TV and lounge buttons basically prepare a base for non-sleep states. The “TV” preset (with a TV icon on the remote) raises the head to the ideal position for activities like watching TV, reading, using your laptop and more.  

Lounge mode rearranges the frame into a chaise lounge state. It is a restful position that helps to alleviate back pain. Based on scientific principles and research, these modes combine technology and comfort to bring ultimate luxury to the bedroom. 

Anti Snore 

With a “ZZZ” icon on the remote, in the anti-snore position, the head is slightly raised. It opens the airway and helps prevents snoring. It is a well-received position, especially among sleep partners.  

Zero Gravity 

All the preset positions are interesting and practical, but “zero gravity” is the most fascinating. In a zero-gravity setting, by raising the head and knee line slightly above your heart, you’ll stay at an almost 120-degree angle. It is like putting your body in a weightless state. This favoured position was first discovered by NASA.  They used this technique to induce weightlessness in astronauts. Besides being very relaxing and comforting, the zero gravity (or the “ZG” on the remote) is encouraged to fight stress and fatigue. It also regulates blood flow, enhancing circulation and relieving pressure

Massager with 15 Modes 

There are a total of 15 massage modes for you to choose from, with a timer to make each massage last up to 30 minutes. This device washes away the pains and stress of a hard day and guarantees pleasure for the body and soul. The massager isn’t completely noise-free but it operates with a whisper-quiet engine.  

Other Highlights to note 

Under-bed Light 

There is a convenient LED light under the bed. This soft and practical light acts as a lantern when you need to get up in the middle of the night. It is dim enough so as not to disturb your partner’s sleep but will help you navigate your way to the bathroom without running into anything. 

USB Ports 

Dual USB ports on both sides of the GhostBed adjustable frame are super practical in an age where we all need to charge different devices. 

Power Down Feature 

Emergency power down is a convenient aspect for times of power outage in your neighbourhood. Why miss out on a good night’s sleep just because your power is out? The adjustable bed frame comes with a power supply that will keep your bed operating on battery power when needed in an emergency. 

GhostBed Adjustable Base Mattress Compatibility 

The GhostBed adjustable bed is a very compatible product and fits perfectly with all memory foam and latex mattresses. Some mattresses such as innerspring designs may not be flexible enough to accommodate the changes of an adjustable base. However, the best options to choose from are GhostBed or GhostBed Luxe mattresses. 

GhostBed Adjustable Base is Easy to Assemble 

Easy assembly is one of the strong points of this bed and most parts are already in place. All parts come in a single box, including the remote, 2 AAA batteries, 6 legs, a retainer bracket and 2 pins. If the bed’s setup becomes challenging, you can sign up for white glove delivery. White glove delivery includes unboxing, instalment and even getting rid of your old mattress. 

3 Year Extended Warranty 

With a limited lifetime warranty, repair services for the bed are covered for one year. By paying $149 extra, you can benefit from the 3-year extended warranty. This extended warranty covers parts, labour and freight and is purchasable at the time of checkout. 

Things to consider

  • GhostBed brand currently doesn’t produce a California king-size bed.  
  • There is no return policy once you unbox the bed. Even if you decide to return unboxed beds, there is an extra restocking fee to pay. 


To achieve a perfect sleep night after night, an adjustable base is indeed a wise choice. With a reputable brand like GhostBed, you simply can’t go wrong. Plus, this single product comes with unlimited options, endless adjustments and possibilities to fit every lifestyle.