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Why the GhostBed Split King Adjustable Base is the couple’s choice

A stylish couple’s bed that will improve your relationship! 

Let’s be honest – not everyone sleeps the same. Sleeping positions, preferred temperature and levels of comfort are very personal and often differ greatly between partners. Is your partner a side sleeper while you prefer to sleep on your back? Do you like to read a while and he wants to crash right away? And let’s not even mention how elusive sleep can be when one partner is tossing and turning or snoring all night!  

Enter the GhostBed adjustable split king. This bed consists of two “twin XL” beds side-by-side, creating the same exact dimensions as a standard king-size bed. The separation of mattresses and more importantly adjustable bases are key to solving many partners’ problems in bed. The split king allows couples to select different types of mattresses or adjustable positions to suit their individual needs. 

Why every couple should have a GhostBed split king adjustable base 

    • With two bases, each person controls their own comfort settings 
    • Isolate the movement from the other side of the bed. No more sleepless nights when your partner is tossing and turning! 
    • Anti-snore mode – The winner for many couples; this preset position allows the snorer to sleep in a position that will alleviate snoring 
    • The two smaller beds allow for an easier move – around the room or into a new home 

      With its fantastic, unique features, it is no wonder the split king adjustable bed is one of the most popular products of GhostBed, especially for couples.  GhostBed creates some of the most comfortable and luxurious yet affordable products. The GhostBed adjustable base takes your comfort to a whole new level.  

      About GhostBed 

      The GhostBed brand is well-known for its online mattresses and high-performance sleep accessories. They promise brilliant comfort and luxurious cooling in every mattress. Founded in 2015 by Marc L. Werner, GhostBed began with a vision to create the perfect mattress.  After undergoing three neck surgeries, Werner was plagued with poor sleep and wanted to find something that would support his neck and body completely while in bed. He first set up “Nature’s Sleep” in 2001 and, with the experience he gained along the way, the success of GhostBed was imminent. 

      GhostBed Adjustable Base 

      The GhostBed adjustable frame showcases a range of luxury features like whisper-quiet massage modes, wireless remote control, under-bed LED lighting, USB ports, zero gravity and anti-snore settings. This bed improves sleep quality, relaxes your body and enhances your health tremendously. With so many desirable features, the GhostBed adjustable frame remains affordable and comparable with bases offered by other high-end brands. 

      Why the GhostBed Adjustable Split King is the ultimate couple’s bed 

      Take a moment to ask yourself if the massage device, flexible positions, remote control, anti-snore position and under-bed lighting would add value to your well-being? Would these add to the well-being of your partner?  Would the ability to customize each side of your bed be desirable for your relationship?    

      Sleep Inclinations

      Partners who want to take advantage of the base’s positions can enjoy this flexible model. Besides pre-settings, unlimited positions can be created with GhostBed adjustable split king. If you are a couple with extremely divergent preferences, it is definitely worth upgrading your bed. 

      Features vs Cost

      GhostBed has come up with a unique version of a split king adjustable which not only offers many attractive features but it also costs much less than many pricey brands with the same attributes. The GhostBed adjustable split king is true luxury at an affordable price. 

      Health Conditions

      Many people with health problems and injuries benefit from sleeping on an adjustable bed. Back pain, sinus or spinal issues, snoring and pressure can be mitigated with the help of these adjustable beds. Furthermore, it is unlikely that both partners in a couple will suffer from the same ailments or injuries. The Ghostbed split king adjustable base provides a solution that caters to the specific needs and preferences of each individual. 

      Delivery & Assembly Details

      The GhostBed split king adjustable base can be easily assembled in 20 minutes without any tools and is delivered for free! (Check the free delivery in your country). At a standard king-size, the assembled bed will measure 76 inches (193 cm) by 80 inches (203 cm).  Additionally, the GhostBed split king base is available as a split king adjustable set, which includes two luxury cooling mattresses. 

      GhostBed Split King Adjustable Base Upsides  

      Personalize Your Comfort: You can enjoy all the benefits of a king-sized bed while benefiting from independent settings. Thus, a split king makes it possible for you and your partner to sleep in your own dedicated comfort zones with individually adjusted preferences. You can easily choose to sync settings to create a uniform king bed as well if you prefer.  

      Isolating Inside Bed Motions: A split king bed frame also requires separate mattresses, so one individual tossing & turning in the middle of the night won’t disturb the other person who sleeps quietly. 

      Easier to Move & Transfer: It is common sense that a bed split in half is easier to move around than a huge king-size bed. For those people who love to redecorate or change houses often, relocating 2 smaller-sized beds will be far easier than maneuvering a large standard king.  

      Anti-Snore with Healthier Style: With just a touch of a button on a wireless remote control to rearrange the bed’s frame, you can certainly alleviate many nighttime concerns. Several health issues such as back pain, acid reflux, heartburn, GERD or snoring are avoidable with an adjustable base. This is just another reason why the GhostBed adjustable split king is the right option for those with a partner suffering from one of these problems. In this way, each side of the bed can separately be raised and/or lowered on the head and/or foot sections of the bed.  


      With maximum comfort, exceptional quality and a plethora of features outlined above, the GhostBed split king is undoubtedly the pinnacle of sleep options for couples. The ability to individualise your bed while still sleeping next to your partner is a luxury few people experience! Countless reviews and industry awards attest to the GhostBed difference and make it the ultimate couple’s choice.