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Transform Your Sleep Quality with Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

What does a great night’s rest mean to you? Would fewer aches and pains improve the quality of your life? If you are in the market for an adjustable bed, find out why the Amerisleep adjustable bed+ is the smartest investment you could make. 

Every individual has a different sleep style and varied preferences; however, we all crave a revitalising slumber when we hit the mattress each night.  With the superior technology behind Amerisleep, you will enjoy comfort and support for the best night’s sleep possible. 

Whether for health reasons or pure luxury, there are many reasons to choose an adjustable bed. With the help of an adjustable bed base, you can level up your sleep conditions immeasurably. These modern beds allow you to customise your sleep preferences and ultimate comfort while alleviating back pain, heartburn, snoring and other irritating conditions.  

Scientifically advanced adjustable beds not only provide you with potential health benefits but also improve your sleep quality. The Amerisleep adjustable bed+ provides all these qualities and features.  

Top 3 reasons you need an Amerisleep adjustable bed+: 

    • This adjustable bed+ is famous for many luxurious features such as a smart system, under-bed LED lighting, adjustable legs, USB ports, mobile app controls, massage device with three different settings, pillow-tilt articulation, microhook™ retention system and wallhugger® engineering 
    • It comes in 5 different sizes 
    • You receive a 3 part 10-year limited warranty & free shipping 

    Amerisleep Bed Base Brand

    Amerisleep, the well-known US bed manufacturer, has a dashing reputation in the sleep-health industry. By employing advanced technology, Amerisleep provides state-of-the-art adjustable beds with unique features which are in fact, more affordable than many other brands. 

    Amerisleep is well known for being one of the pioneers in the sleep industry, next to famous brands such as Tempur-Pedic and Zinus.  Amerisleep designs and manufactures stylish mattresses, bed bases, fluffy pillows and gorgeous bedding. 

    Here we introduce the Amerisleep adjustable bed+ model, a successful example of the Amerisleep product line. We will discuss this trendy bed’s remarkable features and highlighted qualities so you know if it is the right bed for you. 

    Amerisleep Adjustable Beds 

    With an Amerisleep adjustable bed, a good night’s sleep is guaranteed thanks to the well-designed features and luxurious edge. The Amerisleep brand manufactures two famous adjustable base models called the adjustable bed base and adjustable bed+ (plus). They are both highly regarded and each comes with outstanding features and functional qualities. 

    The Amerisleep adjustable Bed+ has essential qualities with features like zero-gravity, remote control, head and foot movements and other programmable positions. While the Amerisleep adjustable bed base is a more basic model with fewer features to offer, the Amerisleep adjustable bed+ is a more luxurious investment with plenty of sophisticated additions such as full body massage, MicroHook™ retention system (to hold the mattress in place), mobile app control, USB charging and under-bed lighting to name just a few. 

    Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ Highlights 

    The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ charming attributes are second to none. These unprecedented highlighted features benefit your body and are created specifically to bring you a healthy, comfortable sleep. 

    Highlights of this Amerisleep adjustable bed frame: 

    Amerisleep Bed+ Smart System 

    The smart system with cutting-edge technology that has been embedded in the Amerisleep adjustable bed+ package makes adjusting the bed and other settings very easy. You can connect your smartphone and other similar devices such as Google Home or Alexa and rearrange many features only using your voice. Set sleep timers or a gentle wake up alarm, switch between position modes, start the anti-snore feature, zero-gravity or control the massage machine – all with your voice or the touch of a button. 

    Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ Advanced Massage Features 

    An adjustable massage device with different settings such as pulse, rolling-wave or full-body massage with a timer is built into the premium bed. This attribute can be set up and controlled. With this vibration technology, you can enjoy a restful night and relax your whole body while lying down. 

    Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ Pillow-Tilt Articulation 

    The third level of articulation allows you to adjust the headboard area to sit up comfortably in bed and remain in a healthy posture. This independent pillow tilting is excellent for creating a comfortable position for watching TV or reading. 

    Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ Microhook™ Retention System 

    This technology holds your mattress in place and keeps the mattress from slipping while adjusting the bed base, and the bed remains close to the nightstand, even in the upright position. It also eliminates the need for a retainer bar at the foot of the bed. 

    Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ User-Friendly App 

    With the help of the smart system we mentioned, you can connect the bed to your smartphone with a user-friendly app. Many options are manageable with the assistance of this app. Tracking your sleeping patterns and optimising your sleep routine have become simple tasks. The intellectual setup can give you a lot of information about your sleep, like the hours of the night you get the most sleep. It will even tell you if you sleeptalk! 

    Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Wallhugger® Engineering 

    Wall-hugging is another astonishing new technology, which prevents slipping away from the wall, headboard or nightstand when you are adjusting the bed to your liking. 

    Amerisleep Adjustable Legs 

    With the help of this feature, the height of your bed is easily changeable. Seems simple, but practically it is a rather significant and helpful feature. 

    Under-Bed Lighting in the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

    Ambient lighting controllable with the remote and app is helpful, especially during the night. These LED nightlights are perfect throughout the night, providing a subtle light near the floor, preventing you from hurting yourself or running into the wall. The light isn’t very intense, therefore won’t disturb your partner’s sleep. Seniors and customers with weaker eyes benefit from this feature. It also has a straightforward wireless remote and a foot retainer mechanism for safety. 

    USB Ports in the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

    With two 4-port USB charging hubs on the foundation, you are free to charge up to 8 devices (4 on each side of your bed.) Therefore you can keep all your devices close, so you no longer have to be worried about waking up and seeing a low-battery warning again. 

    Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ Ultra-Quiet Motor 

    A quiet motor allows you to reset your bed position while your partner is asleep beside you. 

    Adjustable Beds+ Available Sizes (inches & cm) 

    The Amerisleep adjustable bed+ is available in 5 different sizes: 

    Model Size (In) Weight (Ib) Size (Cm) Weight (Kg) 
    Twin XL 38″ W x 79″ L 119 96.52 W x 200.66 L 53.98 
    Full-size 53” W x 74” L 145 134.62 W x 187.96 L 65.77 
    Queen-size 59″ W x 79″ L 148 149.86 W x 200.66 L 67.13 
    Split King 75” W x 79″ L (2 pcs.) 238 190.5 W x 200.66 L (2 pcs.)  107.95
    California Split King71” W x 83″ L (2 pcs.)238180.34 W x 210.82 L107.95
    Amerisleep Adjustable Bed + Sizes and Weights

    Free Services & Warranty for Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

    Amerisleep provides numerous free services when purchasing one of its products through its official website. If you live inside the continental US, you can take advantage of the free shipping and setup offered for an Amerisleep adjustable bed+ package. You can also expect a substantial discount when buying mattresses for your new bed.

    A 10-year limited warranty is another remarkable service that comes with Amerisleep adjustable bed+. The company covers all the repairs and replacements for the first year, and after that, a limited warranty for years 2-5 is offered. Later, replacement parts are provided to the customer at an affordable cost. 

    Is the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ for you? 

    • If you are a person who likes to sleep in different positions and enjoys modern luxuries, the Amerisleep adjustable bed+ is a fantastic option. 
    • If features like the under-bed lighting, anti-snore mode or USB ports will make your life easier, this bed is also a great choice.
    • A price tag that parallels the luxury is the main disadvantage of this bed. However, if you look at it as an investment in your health and wellbeing, it is a small price to pay! 
    • This bed base lacks lumbar support, which may be a consideration for individuals with back issues however the Amerisleep mattress offers zoned support. 
    • The Amerisleep bed base model doesn’t include a mattress
    • Due to the weight of the bed, the Amerisleep is not easy to move and transport. A Split-Kingsize of this model weighs around 238 lbs (107.9 kg). 
    • White glove delivery service is not offered.

     With plenty of amazing features, no bed product comes close to the Amerisleep adjustable bed+. If you are looking for a cost-effective option, you can start with an Amerisleep adjustable bed base. It is a more basic model with fewer additions but remains a durable and fantastic bed and is easy to customise. 

    However, if you want true luxury with distinct features and are willing to invest in your sleep health, the Amerisleep adjustable bed+ is exactly what you need.