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Invest in your sleep health with an Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Base

Why the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Base is the foundation for a superb night’s sleep!

Have you ever wondered if an adjustable bed base is worth the price tag? Perhaps you’ve heard all the hype and want to find out what it’s all about.

There are an overwhelming number of smart beds and bases on the market these days and quite frankly, the search to find the best one can be quite tiring!

The Amerisleep Adjustable bed base comes with many benefits and features designed to improve your health and your sleep. Outlined below, we will discuss the benefits of owning an Amerisleep adjustable bed base and help you find out if this is the bed for you.

Top Benefits of the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Base:

  • Customisable to adapt to your sleep preferences
  • Wireless backlit remote for selecting your desired position from zero-gravity and other pre-set positions
  • Compatible with other mattress brands
  • High-quality materials used in construction
  • Four different bed sizes are available with removable legs (easy to adjust)
  • Easy to assemble
  • 10-year limited warranty, plus free shipping within the USA

Some considerations:

  • Buying the base on its own affords you basic features when compared to the top-end Amerisleep Bed+ Adjustable Bed package
  • The bed requires assembly by the purchaser
  • Whilst quiet, the motor is not silent, which may not suit all customers

Who is Amerisleep?

Amerisleep is a US-based bed manufacturer with a global reputation for producing high-quality adjustable beds with affordable pricing and superior specifications. Let’s face it, quality combined with luxury and affordability is something we all love.

Amerisleep provides customers with two adjustable base designs, the Amerisleep adjustable bed base and the Amerisleep adjustable bed+.  The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed base provides the zero-gravity sleep position, back-lit remote control, head and foot movements and multiple programmable positions.       

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Base Highlights

FeaturesHow this bed will improve your life
Customised sleeping positionBrings comfort and alleviates aches and pains
Zero gravity sleep positionSo helpful for chronic back pain
Wireless remote and noise-reducing technologyAdjust your sleep position without waking your partner at the touch of a button
Mattress and frame compatibilityGet the benefits of the adjustable base while still using your favourite mattress
High quality materialsQuality materials = quality sleep
Easy to assembleNo additional tools needed
Multiple sizesGet the size that is right for you
Warranty policy10-year warranty – sleep easy!
How the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed adds value to Your life

Customise to Your Preferred Sleeping Position

When you lie down on an Amerisleep adjustable bed, you have complete control of the headrest and footrest. You can lift your head to reduce snoring or raise your feet to relieve joint pain. An endless number of sleeping positions are available, allowing you to customise the bed to provide the best possible experience. The maximum head tilt (upper body) is 60 degrees, while the maximum foot tilt (lower body) is 40 degrees.

Zero-Gravity Position

Imagine feeling like you are weightless, just floating in your bed. Let your aches and pains dissolve away. By shifting into the zero-gravity setting, you can feel afloat and weightless. In this position, by raising the head and knee line slightly above your heart and putting the body at an almost 120-degree angle, you will feel like you are weightless in space. The zero-gravity feature reduces the strain of gravity on the spine and joints. It is recommended and beneficial for those suffering from chronic back pain or other similar problems.

Wireless Remote

All these exciting, life-enhancing features are available at a touch of a user-friendly, backlit wireless remote control. The features to explore are the simple flat position, anti-snore position, TV/reading position and more. This system has a powerful individual motor using noise-reduction technology so switching positions while sleeping will be seamless and will not wake your partner.

Mattress & Frame Compatibility

With zero-clearance design beds (this means you can put this bed directly on the floor), you can expect high mattress and bed frame compatibility. The perfect combination would be with an Amerisleep mattress; however, the Amerisleep bed base is compatible with other mattress brands.

High-quality Materials

With industrial-grade steel supports and 100% polyester grey upholstery, these excellent bed frames are very solid in structure and will provide you with night after night of restful luxury for many years to come.

Easy to Assemble

The Amerisleep adjustable bed bases are easy to assemble without using any additional tools. As part of the package, you receive 3-in-1 removable legs. These legs are adjustable between 3 inches (7.6 cm), 6 inches (15.2 cm), and 9 inches (22.8 cm), allowing you to create the perfect bed height to suit your needs.

Available Sizes (inches, cm)

SizeMeasure (inches)Measure (cm)Weight (lbs)Weight (kg)
California Split King71 x 83180.34 x 210.8221195.7
Queen59 x 79149.86 x 200.6615469.85
Split King75 x 79190.5 x 200.66224101.6
Twin XL71 x 8396.52 x 200.6611250.8

Long-term Warranty Policy

A long-term warranty with reliable customer service is another great advantage of buying an Amerisleep adjustable bed base. The 10-year warranty is broken down into two parts. For the first 2 years, the warranty covers all parts. In this period, the company replaces any defective mechanical or electrical parts. (Please note that the costs of labour and transportation are not covered.) After 2 years, the company still provides coverage for the metal frame itself.

Whilst this warranty policy provides a great assurance, the durability of these well-made beds is substantial, so needing to access the warranty would be a rare occasion.

Are you ready to invest in an Amerisleep Adjustable bed?

 You have the bedding, the pillows, a cosy bedroom and perhaps even a mattress. All that is remaining is a great foundation for night after night of restful, luxurious sleep. The comfort and technology of the Amerisleep base are the perfect finish to this equation and the superior features are sure to make it a worthwhile acquisition and addition to your home.

The Amerisleep adjustable bed is affordable, durable and comes with plenty of innovative features. A good night’s rest is imperative for you to live well and enjoy your life. A life free from pain is a gift to yourself, making the Amerisleep adjustable bed the perfect investment in your health and wellbeing.