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Know Your Adjustable Bed and Smart Bed Terminology

To be a smart shopper when comparing models and brands of adjustable beds, it helps to know the language of the industry. Below we’ll summarise the most important terms to help you understand product descriptions much better.




An alarm clock feature can be integrated into the bed’s design. 

Anti-snoring preset

Snorers can benefit from a unique angle of the bed that creates the most optimal conditions to prevent snoring. As a preset you can simply select the option to prompt the bed to move into that specific position.

Base lighting

Built-in lights on the base help you see and move around safely if you need to get up at night. The low light won’t disturb your sleeping partner. 

Customizable height

Select the bed height which will be most comfortable for you to get in and out of. This is a welcome option for individuals with limited mobility.


To cater for couples where each person has unique sleeping needs, you can pick unique settings and inclines. 

Ergonomic design

During the design and manufacturing process, a major priority is offering the sleeper sufficient body support. 


Beds have built in features that facilitate massaging. Apart from relaxation, this is helpful for pain management.

Memory presets

Beds can have programmed settings for you to use. Certain ones allow you to find the best, most comfortable settings and program it as preset, making it easy to adjust the bed to its appropriate angles that suit you best.

Range of motion

The extent to which the bed’s sections can decline and incline.

Retention system

This is used instead of using a retainer bar to keep the mattress in place. A retention system is an innovative and more aesthetically pleasing way to prevent the mattress from moving off the base. 

Smart technology

Some beds have built in technology that among other things relays actionable data and supports connectivity. You may be able to control the bed via an app or it can offer data on sleep quality.

Timed or automatic adjustment

As a luxury and convenience feature, some beds can elevate based on time, or adjust automatically. 

USB ports

To enable you to charge mobile devices in bed, some models have integrated USB ports. 


To prevent the bed’s movements from disturbing sleepers, manufacturers ensure the system runs at a decibel level lower than that of someone that whispers. 

Zero clearance

With zero clearance a base can be used without leg attachments. It can rest on an existing surface, such as a platform bed or another bed frame.

Zero gravity

Your bed can facilitate an experience of weightlessness, thanks to certain inclines, such as your feet being higher than your head. This helps relieve pressure on certain areas and promotes relaxation.