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5 Reasons the Leggett and Platt Symmetry SM Adjustable Base is Essential for Better Health and Quality of Life

Sleep is essential, and the right base can make all the difference. Introducing the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base by Leggett & Platt, a product designed to redefine your sleeping experience. With features like dual massage and custom positioning options, it stands out in the market of adjustable beds, providing comfort tailored to your unique needs.

The Symmetry SM Adjustable Base is not just about luxury; it’s about transforming your bedtime routine into a therapeutic and rejuvenating process. From combating sleep disorders to offering unmatched relaxation, this adjustable base might be the investment to improve your quality of life. Let’s explore what makes it so special!

Benefits of the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base

The Symmetry SM Adjustable Base by Leggett and Platt is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s an investment in comfort and technology. From luxurious relaxation to cutting-edge control, this adjustable base brings a new dimension to bedtime. Below are the remarkable benefits you can experience with this extraordinary addition to your bedroom.

Comfort and Luxury

Leggett & Platt adjustable bases are synonymous with luxury and ease. Here’s how:

  • Comfort for Downtime or Working in Bed: Perfect for reading, working on your laptop, or simply relaxing.
  • Luxury Features like Underbed Lighting: A soft glow under the bed adds ambiance and makes nighttime navigation easier.
  • Customization to Improve Your Bedroom Experience: Personalize your settings for optimal comfort, whether sleeping or enjoying your favorite book.

Imagine winding down after a long day with these tailored comfort features. The Symmetry SM Adjustable Base is designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Leggett and Platt Symmetry Technology and Convenience

With the Leggett & Platt adjustable bed, you’re embracing next-level technology:

  • Top Technology, including a Wireless Remote: Adjust the bed with a button to efficiently control your settings.
  • Smart Connectivity and Features: Integrate it with your smart home system for seamless control.

These innovative features bring convenience to your fingertips, transforming your bedroom into a hub of modern comfort.

Leggett and Platt Compatibility with Various Beds

The Symmetry SM Adjustable Base is not just versatile, but it’s also universal:

  • Zero Clearance Design: It fits platform and slat beds and offers flexibility in your bedroom design.
  • Compatibility with Different Sizes: Whether it’s a Leggett and Platt king adjustable base or a cozy twin, there’s a perfect fit for every room.

With the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues; it’s tailored to fit your existing bed setup, making it an ideal choice for many buyers.

Embrace a new era of bedtime luxury with the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base. Its unique combination of comfort, technology, and compatibility makes it a must-have for those seeking to elevate their sleeping experience. Explore more and transform your bedroom today.

How the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base can help you

Catering to the Sleep-Challenged

Leggett & Platt’s Symmetry SM Adjustable Base is a top choice for those struggling with insomnia. Offering a broad array of customizable positions, individuals can find the most comfortable angle for sleeping. Elevating the head to improve breathing or raising the legs to alleviate pressure points are thoughtful ways this model meets specific sleep needs.

A Soothing Sanctuary for Body Pain Relief

People suffering from body pain and stiffness have found a true ally in the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base. Designed for ultimate comfort and support, the bed offers zero-gravity positioning and customizable pressure relief for the foot and head sections. The massage feature, with options ranging from standard mode to dual wave, brings soothing relief from head to toe.

Silencing the Snores: A Thoughtful Approach

If snoring has disrupted peaceful nights, the Symmetry SM model provides an effective solution. By elevating the upper body, the adjustable bed allows for improved airflow, reducing snoring. It’s not just a matter of convenience; it’s about enhancing overall sleep quality for you and your partner.

Empowering Sleep Apnea Sufferers

The Symmetry SM model’s design offers a practical aid for those with sleep apnea. Experimenting with different upper body elevations helps keep the airways open, reducing the intensity of apnea episodes.

A Tailored Solution for All

The Symmetry SM Adjustable Base by Leggett & Platt offers more than luxury and technological ease. It targets specific sleep challenges, making it suitable for diverse needs. Ready to discover how it can enhance your sleep? Explore the full range of Leggett & Platt adjustable beds today.

Real People, Real Satisfaction – User Experiences with the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base

When considering investing in a premium adjustable bed like the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base, hearing from real users can be invaluable. Below, you’ll find authentic testimonials that shed light on the experience of owning this remarkable piece of technology.

1. Justifying the Investment

Catherine Williams, San Francisco, CA: “The Symmetry SM Adjustable Base quality justified the price. The setup was easy, and I could watch TV in comfort. The sturdy frame and mattress retainer give peace of mind.

2. Versatile Comfort for All Activities

James Rodriguez, Denver, CO: “The adjustable features make watching TV and other activities a breeze. Plus, the frames feel sturdy—this bed is built to last.

3. Responsive and Efficient Customer Support

Sarah Miller, Chicago, IL: “Customer support from Leggett & Platt was efficient when I was missing a part. They were quick to help, making the setup hassle-free.

4. Relief for Health Conditions

Mark Harris, Nashville, TN: “I have GERD, and the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base has improved my sleep dramatically. It operates quietly, and the quality of my sleep has improved.

These firsthand experiences demonstrate the value and satisfaction that come with the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base by Leggett & Platt. From quality to convenience, this adjustable bed delivers a transformative bedtime experience for many individuals. It’s more than a bed; it’s a pathway to a better quality of life.

Pros & Cons: Balanced Insight into the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base


  • Easy Assembling: User-friendly setup process.
  • Zero-Gravity Helps with Circulation: This feature promotes healthy blood flow, reducing pressure on the heart and improving overall well-being.
  • Great Warranty Options: Various warranty options offer peace of mind.
  • Dual-USB Port: Convenient charging for devices.
  • Programmable Positions: Tailor your comfort by setting preferred positions.
  • Foldable Base: Enhances maneuverability and shipping ease.


  • On the Higher Side of Bed Base Prices: This may not fit all budget ranges.
  • Very Heavy: It could be a challenge to move without assistance.
  • No Split Version Available: The lack of a split version might limit customization for couples with different sleep preferences.

Features of the Symmetry SM Adjustable Bed: Experience Innovation and Comfort

When choosing an adjustable bed, finding one that caters to your unique needs and lifestyle is essential. The Symmetry SM Adjustable Base, a prominent model from Leggett & Platt, offers innovative features designed to enhance your comfort, convenience, and overall sleep quality. Let’s delve into the features that make this adjustable bed stand out:

Compatibility and Design

Platform and Slat Bed Compatibility: The slim 2-inch foam profile maintains the aesthetics of your bedroom’s existing look. With Zero Clearance, you can use the bed platform you already have, positioning it on any flat surface for seamless integration.

Massage Capability

Full-Body Dual Massage Capability: Imagine a personalized spa experience in your bedroom. Select specific areas for targeted relief or a full-body relaxation experience with the rejuvenating dual-wave massage functionality.

Lighting and USB Port Convenience

  • Under-Bed Lighting: Soft, ambient lighting provides just enough illumination for those who don’t want complete darkness. It’s perfect for nighttime navigation without disturbing your partner.
  • USB Port Convenience: Keep your devices charged and within reach. The dual-USB port functionality ensures you’re always connected, whether working in bed or streaming your favorite shows.

Customizable Positioning

  • Base and Motion Control: Adjust head and foot sections for optimal comfort, including anti-snore and zero-gravity positions. Customize your sleeping experience to meet your needs.
  • Customizable Positioning: Save your ideal positions with the remote. Whether watching TV, napping, or getting a healthy night’s sleep, your bed remembers your preferences

Design and Functionality

  • Glass-Top Wireless Touch Remote: Operating your bed is a breeze with a glass-topped, capacitive-touch remote. It responds to your finger’s presence, not pressure, making adjustments effortless.
  • Quality Build and Aesthetic: From the sturdiness of the frames to the streamlined design, this adjustable base blends form and function without compromising the existing aesthetics of your bedroom.

Your Ideal Sleep Solution

The Symmetry SM Adjustable Base from Leggett & Platt offers thoughtfully designed features that provide solutions for better sleep, relaxation, and convenience, all aimed at enhancing your lifestyle. Compare these with other models, and you’ll find that the Symmetry SM Adjustable Bed offers a rich experience tailored for modern living.

Specifications and Dimensions of the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base

Explore the thoughtful design and precise specifications that make the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base a standout choice. Here, we delve into the specifics that add to your comfort and convenience.

A. Elevate Your Comfort

The Symmetry SM Adjustable Base is engineered with your well-being in mind:

  • Head Elevation: Alleviate snoring, enjoy reading, or watch TV with ease.
  • Leg and Feet Elevation: Enhance circulation, relieve back and hip pressure, and customize your sleep experience.
  • Zero-Gravity Positioning: Experience a weightless feeling that relieves joint and muscle pain.
  • Foldability: It is easy to move or store, making it practical for various needs.

B. Available Sizes and Measurements of Leggett and Platt Symmetry SM

Find the perfect fit for your space with these industry-standard sizes for the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base:

Twin XL*38” x 80”96.5cm x 203.5cm
Full*54” x 75”134.5cm x 190.5cm
Queen*60” x 80”152cm x 203.5cm
Single King*76” x 79.5”193cm x 202cm
Single Cal King*72” x 84”183cm x 213.5cm
Note: Leggett and Platt’s specifications could not be confirmed, so industry standards are shown.

C. Key Specifications of Leggett and Platt Symmetry SM

The following details offer a snapshot of the robust and elegant design:

Weight Capacity850lbs
Weight of bed basePlus or minus 625
Symmetry SM Adjustable Base Specifications

The Symmetry SM Adjustable Base presents an intelligent blend of design and functionality tailored to meet diverse needs. Whether it be the comfort that the elevation features bring or the practicality of foldability, the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base from Legget and Platt has carefully crafted each element to enhance your everyday experience.

Leggett and Platt Bed Base Assurance: Warranty and Dependable Support

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Leggett & Platt understands the importance of product quality and stands firmly behind the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base. The manufacturer offers a selection of limited warranties covering various aspects like frame integrity, motor performance, and electronic components.

Tip: For detailed warranty coverage and duration information, consult the product manual or visit Leggett & Platt’s official website.

Third-Party Warranties and Services

Purchasing from third-party vendors? Consider asking about additional warranty coverage and services like white glove delivery.

Advice: Vet your vendors carefully before buying. Check for customer reviews and ensure you receive the best service and coverage to make your purchase a long-term investment.

Your Comfort, Your Way

Leggett & Platt’s Symmetry SM Adjustable Base offers robust features and reliable support, aligning with various sleeping needs and preferences. Evaluate the warranty options, explore the well-balanced advantages, and consider the few drawbacks to determine if this adjustable base is the right choice for you.

Remember: Always consult with your retailer about additional services and third-party warranties. Make your investment count by choosing wisely.

Final Thoughts: A Comprehensive Overview of the Symmetry SM Adjustable Base by Leggett & Platt

The Symmetry SM Adjustable Base offers impressive features, blending convenience, health benefits, and sophisticated design. It’s designed to cater to various needs, from alleviating common sleep ailments like snoring and GERD to offering luxurious add-ons like under-bed lighting and full-body massage. Although it has a higher price tag and a hefty build, its durability and customization capabilities make it a valuable investment for those seeking personalized comfort and functionality.

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